Instagram Can Start Displaying Photos with Higher Resolution Soon

The photo was perfect on your smartphone, but on the PC… If you’ve been through it on Instagram, know that the problem may be about to be solved or at least mitigated: According to The Verge, the service has been testing the publication of images with higher resolution.


Currently, Instagram works with a resolution of 640 × 640 pixels. This combination is suitable for devices with small screens, and help reduce the file size. The problem is that the same resolution is used in the web version of the social network. Then, depending on the image quality is compromised.

The staff of The Verge says that, after analysis of the source code of the web version of Instagram, found that the service is storing versions with 1080 × 1080 pixel latest photos.

Below, the same image of the example, but in higher resolution (click and save to your computer to check).

You can even do a test. Open a recent photo of any Instagram in browser, look for the option to view the source code and search for “jpg”. Probably the first result corresponds to the image with more pixels. Save it to your computer and check on their properties the resolution.

From what was found, Instagram began to store images with higher resolution on Friday (3), but it is possible that the tests have before starting with a limited number of users.

The uncertainty is caused by the silence so far, no representative of the Instagram comment. Thus, there is also no way to know when and if the same service will be updated to display images with higher resolution.

Presumably, however, that we will have news soon, after all, it does not make sense Instagram incorporate larger photos, but let them hidden from the user. It would not be a bad idea to rely on these images: the service can simply keep the publications in 640 × 640 pixels for viewing on mobile devices and let versions in 1080 × 1080 pixels for larger screens.

Update 15:00:  the  CNET  claims to have received an Instagram spokesperson information that the service apps for iOS and Android will even support the images in 1080 × 1080 pixels (no information was given about the version for Windows Phone).The company did not say when all users will be with the news, but said that the update is happening gradually.