Intelligent Electronics Reminder into the Home

Video: the smart phone can view the home from floor to the inside of the refrigerator. Gadgets in the home are disseminated during these years.

We have taken the smartphones, flat screens and tablets to the US, but it is also the most intelligent electronics that are found in most homes.

At the IFA trade fair in Berlin tried the manufacturers of various appliances to household chores, to make it interesting, but there is still a long way between the ingenious solutions that really changes our everyday lives.

LG’s latest robot cleaner has received camera and an application, so you can see how your home looks at floor level.

Your phone begins to talk together with washing machine, and Siemens have launched a refrigerator that takes a picture of the content, when the door is closed. Subsequent can someone be seen and detected on a tablet, so we know what to buy.

The following feature which Jyske Bank have produced, you can even judge how intelligent the future Electronics is.