IOS 7 on More Than Every Other iOS Device in North America

More than half of iOS users in North America have downloaded the latest update of Apple’s mobile operating system.

New figures from the research firm Chitika showing that they expect more than half all iOS users in North America using the latest update, iOS 7.

It’s only just over a week ago, that Apple released iOS 7 to the public, but already now have the new operating system set records – at least in some parts of the world.

According to Chitika, so should there now be iOS 7 installed on 51.8% of all iOS devices in North America. Chikita reported, the day after iOS 7 was released that 18 percent had installed it.

Chitika’s data comes from the collection of millions of online advertising on more than 300,000 websites.

Other figures from the Mixpanel shows that iOS 7 now has a market share of 61.31 percent and iOS 6 has a on 35.35 percent.