IP Wireless Camera or External? Advantages and Disadvantages

Ip Wireless Camera Or External

IP camera looks like a security camera as any, but differs from other models in many ways.

“The Ip Camera Generates Your Internet Address On Your Own.”

The ip camera sends the images to the internet directly, not requiring computer or dvr to send the images to the web. She, alone, generates an ip address to be accessed over the internet through the browser of your choice (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc) or through the application (there are several) installed in your smartphone.

The ip camera has, therefore, a virtual address, and to access your images, simply enter this address in the internet.

“An Ip Camera For Each Case”

There are more than one ip camera model and to choose the best model for your project, you must first identify the location where the camera will be installed.

If it is in a foreign location, without protection from rain, strong winds or even no protection from the Sun’s rays, you should opt for external ip camera that has IP66 protection.

If the installation site is internal and protected you will be able to choose between a wireless ip camera or ip camera.

You will find out what are the two models of ip cameras on the market and what are their main differences.

“Wireless Ip Camera”

The wireless ip camera, also called a wireless ip camera, is the most wanted model for home use, for example, keep track of your baby or even keep an eye on your nanny or housekeeper. A baby monitor is an ip camera with a children’s format, fun, but this is a camera. Good for you keep up with everything that’s going on in your House when you’re not around.

The term wireless refers to the type of connection between the camera and the Internet, namely, the camera connects to the Internet through the wi-fi signal (wireless) without needing a network cable. Of course it is necessary to have an Internet plan and a good router.

The term “wireless” is a term fairly wrong because the camera does not relieve the power cord, only dispenses the network cable to connect to the Internet. The camera has a power supply and must be connected to the power.

The wireless ip camera still divides into two models:


The model “SOAP” are smaller cameras and does not have the capability to rotate horizontally and vertically, getting fixed at a single point, you will see a smaller predetermined field. Has the appearance of a “SOAP” even resembling more with a computer than webcam with a security camera.

Model “Bot”

The model “bot” has this name due to your format like a person (head and body) and by moving horizontally and vertically remotely or automatically enabling the visualization of images from various angles.

Wireless Ip Cameras Have Several Useful Features. Among Them, We Can Highlight:

Some models capture the ambient sound, via a built-in microphone. It should be noted that this microphone picks up the sound environment and the whole “sound garbage”, as for example, noise from cars on the street, typos etc, damaging enough audio definition. To try to reduce this interference Note If the installation location is close to the person being monitored and if the environment is silent;

These models have PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) that is, in addition to being able to zoom to show important details, have an engine that makes the camera to rotate horizontally and vertically in an automatic way (pre-programmed) or controlled by a person remotely (via the internet). This feature is essential to achieve angles greater than a fixed camera and consequently increase the monitoring field;

Some models have speakers, and you can thus make a video conference since you also have a microphone;

Some models have motion sensor and with this feature you can schedule it to record or send images to an email previously registered only when there is movement in the monitored environment;

Main Advantages Of Wireless Ip Camera:

Value more accessible than a external ip camera;

Some wireless ip cameras have a plug and play technology, facilitating the setting in network;

Have more features than a external ip camera.

Main Disadvantages Of Wireless Ip Camera:

Low quality image;

For connecting via wireless signal may suffer interference from electronic devices or external walls;

Cannot be installed outdoors, unprotected from the Sun, rain and wind.

“External Ip Camera”

As its name reveals, are cameras that can be installed externally or in any place, secured or unsecured from the rain, wind, Sun, therefore they possess to face protection from inclement weather.

The external ip camera is identical to a security camera, being found in bullet format, dome or speed dome, if only by distinguishing your ip technology has already commented.

Are security cameras purchased with the purpose of protection that goes beyond the simple goal of domestic use.

Main Advantages Of External Ip Camera:

High resolution of the images, HD, Full HD or much better images as 5 megapixel or more;

Best image quality;

Your Internet connection is done through lan network cable;

Are most reliable cameras, indicated for surveillance.

Main Disadvantages Of Camera External Ip:

Higher cost than a wireless ip camera;

The installation requires a skilled professional;1122

Labor is more expensive;

Do not have all the capabilities of a wireless ip camera.

In this article we talk about what is an ip camera, how it works, how to choose, the differences between the two models on the market, as well as the main advantages and disadvantages of each.

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