iPhone 7: Indicates Also Camera Patent On Thin Device

iPhone 7 Indicates Also Camera Patent On Thin Device

A newly discovered Apple patent describes a technique with the of the camera sensor of the iPhone 7 or a future Smartphone could be shrunk. The title of the application at the USPTO USPTO is translated “High resolution camera with a small form factor”.

One of the biggest challenges facing Apple’s engineers in the design of a new iPhone, as well as the future iPhone 7, is the placement of a consisting of several parts of computer system in a confined space. Also the resilience of the housing – counts in addition to the shape, thickness, weight, and of course the performance in tests and all this must fit together as optimally as possible. Now Apple Insider discovered Apple patent shows how creative the developers behind such a system must be optimally exploit the space.

Apple Turns The Camera Sensor

Also the iPhone 7 will include a camera and one of the most important components of this device is the camera sensor. The light reflected from subjects, whereupon the connection creates the image meets it. It is impractical for the design of a Smartphone that the camera along with the sensor takes lot of space. This is why Apple engineers have considered apparently, that floor space could be saved if the sensor similar to would have the form of a tiny dish a contact lens. The area that would occupy such a camera, for example, in the case of iPhone 7, would be less than with a camera with the same large and flat sensor.

According to the patent application, a system of lenses before the shell-shaped sensor would direct the light on its surface. Because the resulting images would probably otherwise contain a kind of fish-eye effect, a software to correct the images before it is displayed on the display. According to the description a camera of this type of glass cover will be so no deeper than 2 mm up to the Centre of the cup-shaped sensor – without housing -, she would certainly suitable for use in a future iPhone.

As always at such patents is of course not clear if and when the technology described is really be used. Sure, it may be but probably that Apple’s engineers already would be pleased at the iPhone 7 about the space savings with a compact camera.