Is This Windows Phone 8.1?

Rumor: picture of Microsoft’s new mobile operating system and an unknown Lumia-model is supposedly leaked.

In the month of June was leaked pictures of it, which was supposed the next major update of Micorsofts mobile operating system-Windows Phone 8.

Now is a new screen image leaked on the net that shows the lock screen on it, which is expected to be Windows Phone 8.1, on a mobile phone named Nokia Lumia 1820. It writes our site.

The model is not confirmed by Nokia, but speculation whether it will be the first Lumia-model under Microsoft name.

At the bottom of the base is now seen a microphone icon, which probably should show the new speech Assistant who must compete against Siri and Google Voice.

At the top is the Nokia logo has been directed to a “Lumia-logo”.

Nokia and Microsoft have neither confirm nor denied these rumors.