Is Turquoise Jewelry Only for Summer

Now it’s official: the summer has begun. From the catwalk designers they launched a clear message for this super Summer: among the trendy shades for this year are the thousand shades of the sea.

And then what are the must-have jewelry to wear?

To find out this week flew to Sicily. My friend S told me that you think best in the crystal clear sea of the natural reserve of Vendicari. And in the narrow streets of Ortigia. I trusted, never contradict a Sicilian doc! The beautiful water of San Lorenzo has finished its inspiration.

the result? Many valuable ideas for this summer, the first: wearing Turquoise Jewelry as suggested by eNingBo.

Turquoise and its characteristics

Turquoise is a natural stone that goes from sky blue to green, with possible white/black veins on the surface.

It’s a perfect stone to bring out the complexion, brighten the look and enhance your Tan! In addition it is absolutely suitable for more than the blonde. That must be why many celebrities have been gaining from jewelry with turquoise.

Wonderful on a total look, whether black, white or colored. But it can also be used to contrast, on prints and colourful patterns. As long as you do not overdo it, it’s not a stone that may go unnoticed.

You know, summer is the season for dare. Free rein to earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces. With gusto, mind you. Votive Madonnas are doing well in church!

Turquoise as amulet

In Egyptian culture and in Arabic in general the turquoise was considered an amulet for good luck. And protective. A curiosity: the stone was first discovered by the Crusaders in Turkey and Europe, hence its name.

Jewelry with turquoise

The turquoise mounted on asilver is perfect with jeans and t-shirt, on a little dress easy, or even with simple short.

With the yellow Gold tastes a little more vintage. Perfect with long skirts for maybe a retro taste and top.

Personally I love combined with white gold and diamonds, very chic and also suitable for an elegant evening.

Attention, please: this is a delicate, porous stone, which can easily change color in contact with perfumes, ointments or acidic substances. To reduce this risk, the stones are usually well polished and cut cabochon or dish. In all cases, follow my Tips to preserve your Turquoise Jewelry!

Turquoise paste

Most of Turquoise that were found on the market has undergone a treatment aimed at improving its peculiarities, especially to reinforce the color. Quality turquoise, that does not require additional colours, is very rare and expensive.

A word of advice: don’t confuse turquoise with turquoise, which has a market value less than the natural stone.

Turquoise paste is a product widely used in jewelry, turquoise powder got it working, resin, glues and other minerals. Normally recognize the turquoise paste for his sharp and uniform coloring, the result of successive colours stabilizer.

Go said, however, that the turquoise paste can be low or high quality, depending on the percentage of Turquoise powder used. If it is extremely low, even the price will be low.

Most of Turquoise Jewelry and silver are in turquoise paste, more resistant to alterations for color treatments. This makes it, in fact, suitable for everyday use or frequent.

Goethe said that “Italy without Sicily leaves no image in spirit. It’s in Sicily is the key to everything “.

And that Sicily is. What I saw in the narrow streets of Taormina, however, I will tell you another time. If you agree.