Jenner Sisters Kendall Kylie

Countdown to the release of the first fashion line of Kendall and Kylie Jenner! From first glance, for us is Yes!

Kendall and Kylie Jenner recently announced the launch of their fashion line Kendall + Kylie that will be in stores from February (missing very little, stay tuned!).

Kylie has started getting some selfie wearing the total look signed by her and her sister. Prices on hover between $ 68 and $ 100 and $ 200 and $ 298 for shoes (in euros more or less digits are the same).

“It was our dream to share our inspiration with our fans,” said Kylie. “There are a lot of clothes that you can wear them during the day, evening look and also some piece statement. We really put to the test with this collection, we hope that people like it!”

The collection will have the female soul of Kendall and Kylie dynamic verve.

Kendall Jenner added: “it is a truly amazing for us. Our tastes in fashion have evolved quite a bit and it is wonderful that we can express in this collection so sophisticated. This fashion line reflects the way we grew our love for fashion.

For now the line goes on sale in the our site but fingers crossed and hope to find it online as well!