Jewelry Air Chamber

When the tire of your bicycle is deflated and replaced with a beautiful new, have you ever thought that instead of throwing it away the damaged one should you need to create as many jewels and truly trendy fashion accessories and different from usual?

The creativity, imagination and a good manual allow to invent the unthinkable.
This example is for a necklace in an inner tube and satin with beaded inserts a small all-Italian signature  Naughty Creations .

Today, where the tendency to experience whatever is on the agenda, decommissioned and different from the usual become a raw material to be molded very interesting to create something really new, alternative and perhaps, at times, even a bit ‘risky, but not inelegant.

Here are the creations of another young signing this Danish time Tou Ché.

With the inner tube of the bike or the tires of the cars and trucks you can create many items ranging from fashion to design.

Modern post earrings, necklaces and intriguing character bracelets are ready to give us a different look and sophisticated because sometimes it’s also nice to differentiate themselves by seeking new things and experimenting a bit daring’.

The creative jewelry designers such as 3RJEWELRY, are as many and as a result there are many options to choose our favorite, from the classic and minimal to the most whimsical and unique.

The fact evidenced by the photo above: top left, on the face of the model, a delicate bracelet signed Urban Lace , followed by a bracelet with a button pearl and copper wire Naughty Creations , bottom left a very special bracelet with inserts glass Irene Wolf’s   and finally the likeable signed butterflies 2.Elama.

It ‘very interesting the concept of alternative shopping where what you buy is the result of research that is born from the desire to revive disused objects.

The argument itself is very timely and can be useful to develop it in a time where we tend to throw things away without a real reason, but only because maybe we got tired and want something new.

This is when you can combine several materials getting a funny result and particularly like thenecklace we have seen above in the the bicycle inner tube, tire trucks and pieces of cloth vintage ever signed Naughty Creation .

Not only various types of jewelry, but also grants more or less large, belts, clutch bags, key rings and wallets.
Above interesting part of the collection made ​​with an inner tube and tire of Alchemy Goods  and down some of the nice designer bags -Balkan Tango .

If you like to go in search of particular ideas, jewelry and fashion accessories in the air chamber can be a viable alternative to keep in mind even if you love especially to be extremely feminine: see for example the necklace below what Naughty Creations it can be harmonious and end with small pink notes on the details in an inner tube.

Are you ready to make you unique with accessory out of the ordinary and certainly the trend?

Want to know the prices? I assure you that there is something for every budget. From a few to a few hundred euro to second signature, creativity and attention to detail.

All that remains is to wish you a happy shopping reuse oriented!