Jina Is an App That Helps You to Organize Other Smartphone Apps

Just Installed App Organizer is an app that helps you to organize the programs of our phone or tablet. JINA is an Assistant capable of organizing the apps automatically by category and offers advanced search by name that will change the way you search for apps you install.JINA also provides statistical information on installed apps, such as the date of installation, upgrades, uninstalls, frequency of use and more and helps to share apps with friends and remember what we have spent so far for all apps.

Main features

  • Automatic organizer app able to organize apps by category without your intervention
  • app finder with searching apps installed by name and filters to categories and prices
  • Search app using T9 keyboard
  • search with traditional keyboard
  • automatically organize your apps in both categories than in groups (apps, games, maps, surcharge)
  • app statistics: frequency new installations and upgrades, paid apps, free apps chart vs installations and more
  • summary total spending on app
  • list of installed apps with customizable sorting (favourite apps, latest installations, latest updates, last used, used more frequently, less widely used etc.)
  • Advanced filters: games, apps, categories, paid apps, uninstalled app, app not casting range (widget, unlockers etc.) and more …
  • automatic detection of the app store (Google Play, Amazon App store, Samsung Apps)
  • app lifecycle tracking (install, upgrade, uninstall)
  • detail information about apps and price
  • sharing app
  • creating shortcuts on the home
  • favorite apps
  • Home screen widgets to search fast and total spending
  • tracking of uninstalled apps