Kendall Jenner Marc Jacobs Fashion Show

On the catwalks of New York appeared look worthy of The Throne. Kendall Jenner with his black jacket with feathers looked identical to Beric Dondarrion. The mystery is still unsolved: Marc Jacobs created a suitable outfit for snow or is a fan of the tv series?

We were not yet able to understand why the stars had never disguised by characters of Game of Thronesthe Iron Throne, but we are very happy to see they finally Kendall Jenner broke the ice first.

At New York fashion shows the model 20-year-old Kendall Jenner appeared on the catwalk for Marc Jacobs look equal looks just like that of the deceased, can you say? Jon Snow.

Maybe Marc Jacobs did incidentally refer to snow for autumn winter in New York, or maybe the designer is a true fan of the series and like the rest of us is still mourning the death of the character.

For his tribute to Jon Snow, Kendall Jenner wore a combination of skirt and cardigan with huge black feathers applied on the shoulders. The second was identical to the one that led Jon Snow every time he strolled around the House.

Kendall Also had huge, really huge, leather boots with laces that if strabismus or myopia does not deceive, are the same as the Lord Commander.

Yes it’s disturbing, to say the horrific.

While Jon hasn’t learned to one hair like the Kardashian-Jenner clan model, Kendall in his pale, and not only in looks, very reminiscent of the dearly departed Jon.

Marc Jacobs, Kendall Jenner, I would say at once: your work we like a lot!