Ladies and Gentlemen Clothing Company

In 1999, Alicia went to Spain and Barcelona Rissler. She wanted to learn Spanish, but was left and broke through as a designer. In April last year, she came home and now she has their base in a small studio located on Kungsholmen in Stockholm. It is also where she receives to that other designer being interviewed in our series ahead of the fashion fair Style at Sthlm next weekend.

There are not many designers who have the ability: to make the garments you can directly differentiate as their. Alicia Rissler, the woman behind the brand Ladies & Gentlemen, is one of the few.But so is her garments right peculiar too. As the name suggests she makes clothes for both sexes:

“I wanted to do both women and men and doing man unisex is not good. I make many garments that you can have in different ways, multi-functional clothing. Everything must have a function in my clothes, I don’t like things that are just beautiful. The common thread is street with some tailored details, basic fabrics with a little finer fabrics. ”

“Multifunctional” is something of an understatement. From the spring collection included a tank top with attached skjortdel going to snap on. And so it goes. T-shirts with sewn-on skjortkragar and garments that are going to turn upside down and inside out. A lot of plugs to the biggest sources of inspiration: Hussein Chalayan, along with Martin Maison Margiela.

How does her thoughts before the Style at Stockholm, where she shows this autumn’s collection?
“I hope it will go well. There’s bound to be a bit slow at the beginning, given that CPH has been, and still is, so great. But I hope it will work. ”

“The Swedish fashion house ‘ think she is” great fun “: Swedish designers have received much attention abroad. In Japan, we have been popular for a long time, but now also in other markets. ”

The lack of an on-site agent, the feeling of wanting to do everything by yourself, is a problem. When the orders are becoming more possibilities will be similarly and she gets plenty of free publicity when famous names, like MTV profile Shire Raghe, wearing her clothes in public.

Pattern design takes care of herself, while production is made in Estonia.

Spring collection “hocus pocus” is in white, khaki, grey, black, plum and aubergine. There are different varieties of shirts, hoodies with skjortkragar, grey as base color with silver-studded details in a cardigan and a hoodie and narrow pants. Autumn’s tangoinspirerade collection “Los Milongueros” (Tangodansarna) offers a little finer fabrics, silkestrikå and silkesatäng in the colors black, grey and Brown with a hint of red.

Ladies & Gentlemen sold on Bazoueira, ÖÖS and Chic etcetera in Stockholm, in Japan, the United States, France and Spain and at Our site online.