Latest Street Style Looks

Yes we know that Carnival has gone from a piece, but if you want to give a boost to your look, coming from Tokyo that’s 9 straight street style to be seized.

  1. LADY MOTORBIKE: a new silhouette for the nail over a short-waisted and wide
  2. GEMSTONE PENDANT 2. TATTOO: if you find the same style tattoos evident even on accessories and outerwear
  1. Purple and blue, PAIR lucky: recycle blue trench coat and launch it again with a total look purple/lilac

  1. HOW IMPORTANT is HAVING BROAD SHOULDERS: overdo it! And under the jacket insert two good old straps (find them new in ACC)
  1. The BRAID 80 YEARS: on asymmetric braidusa big pins and clasps in resin to go-go
  1. When it’s OVER, believe it THOROUGHLY: experiences and match at least two oversized
  2. FRAYED to perfection: exasperates the concept and overdoes it with cuts and raveling on jeans, preferably oversize, and then works of overlays to create new 90s
  3. ROSE QUARTS and BLUE SERENITY AS KILLER PALETTES: see that’s not corny?
  1. live inside A MANGA: the idea of mixing prints and colors as a Japanese manga is not new in itself, but so are the colors of the foliage and looks, combined with white, to make a difference. PS. You’re tempted to try these colours together?