Leather and Earth Vintage Inspired Bags

Vintage bags have beautiful look at the French designer leather and earth!

commonly called “vintage bag” leather bags whose style refers to another time, a few years to several decades. There are also bags used vintage found in thrift stores or deposits-sale, depending on their manufacturing quality and rarity.

But the bag is vintage style and spirit adopted by many brands of bags that offer recent editions, revisited or pure copies of retro spirit bags.

Quite quirky and off fashion, vintage bag leather woman ‘s defense, branding Leather and Earth line offers vintage inspired bags defer or photographer 70s. This bag has a “big brother” the “TGV” even line even mind, but rather for man seen its slightly larger size. Both models carry by hand or shoulder with its shoulder strap. Sturdy, functional with pockets, lightweight and stylish of course, he let you imagine the rest of the collection Leather and Earth, carved in the same vein, male or female. A very interesting special style that combines the retro spirit with a “bobo” key very current.

Bias perfectly assumed by its creator that produces leather bags in French manufacturing limited series , leather goods collections for women and men in the same spirit a bit retro which is found in satchels, briefcases, bags and 48h other handbags, rare original works of high quality and you will not find the equivalent anywhere in France …

Leather and Earth was created in 1984 by Lilian Bibard and produces its leather bags in Maine et Loire, near Angers.