Leather Jacket Bad Guy

What better topic to write in these cold days than that of jackets and leather jackets spetsialno-. Let’s face it: bad guys as you read this article. But fear not! We are here to help you.

So let’s get started!

Men’s leather jackets are the top of the pyramid stylish bad boy. You enter this term – something like a food pyramid, but clothes are there because they are masculine … they just … Am I right? I do not answer! I know how to choose winter jackets!

Speaking of leather jackets have a question for provide- Do you have leather jackets? Here’s another questionnaires How do you feel them? Not really answer me. I want to know! If not … What are you waiting for?

I like the rush of testosterone that I feel when I wear my leather jackets … They always make me feel like a “bad boy.”When you imagine a man with a leather jacket, usually climb in my head the image of German bodybuilder, winner of the title “MOU. Olympia “and movie star (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s” Terminator “) pump in his hands. And if this is not the kind of bad guy?

All great looking leather jackets good, except maybe raincoats … They somehow I invoke the idea of ​​a pervert in the park, which is about to pop out of the bush and will appear as mother bore him.

You can take advantage of the best kind of jackets and bring it into your wardrobe like any self-respecting modern man. Yes! This is one of the clothes that everyone should have!

A bit of history!
In the early 20th century, leather jackets were worn by aviators and military. Prized for its ability to keep warm, they began to be called “bomber jackets” and are used by airline pilots during World War II.

Later leather jackets associated with the Russian Bolsheviks and were worn as uniforms by the commissioners during the Russian civil war.

This type of clothing became famous mainly in the mid-20th century by Hollywood productions. Let there is hardly anyone who does not remember a film in which at least one of the protagonists wear leather yake- “Indiana Jones,” “Terminator,” “The Matrix,” etc.

Good leather collars can be used for decades … However, remember that today in museums has Roman leather thousands of years ago.

Therefore the price of such quality jacket can be a little salty … But worth it!

In style terms such garment can be worn with virtually anything.

I, for one, love to wear a brown leather jacket with jeans and a white shirt. One look tidy and actually very good. With brown belt and shoes the same color. Some put a tie and sweater with V- shaped collar, but I personally do not like. Sweater with V- shaped gray also looks good with a brown leather jacket.
I like the combination of leather jacket with t-shirt in contrast with dark jeans and black shoes.

Another way to mix with black shirt and black jeans. This gives you a rocker and generally a person that should not mess …

If you have to choose jacket grab your black or brown cleared jacket, underlining the silhouette of your body. Do not wear jackets with thousands of caps, spikes or skulls … We’re not punks, we’re not the Gestapo … Punk is dead guys! Or at least in terms of style …

So to summarize … Timeless, classic and sexy clothes … One of the best investments you can do. Grab one and see the change of attitude of the people around you … Feel confident and stylish in their leather jackets!

I welcome your comments, opinions and suggestions on “How to wear leather jackets?