Leather Jacket for Fall 2016

We present a detailed instruction on how to choose quality and stylish leather jacket for fall. Without exaggeration leather jacket is one of those coats that for decades did not go out of fashion. Now is the perfect time to buy such a stylish and practical jacket for fall, fashion experts advise. When you go to look for it in stores, remember their recommendations. So the purchase will not disappoint you and will fit perfectly into your wardrobe.

How to Choose Leather jacket?

Before you think about details such as skin type, decorative detail and color, you must decide on the basic parameter – the model. Well-chosen cut will highlight the strengths of your figure without disturbing proportions. Above all, we will clarify that these are general recommendations that do not claim to be a last resort for you. To determine the best model for you, you need to try a few Faso front of the mirror.

which Rokersko
One of the most common Faso for leather jackets and main coat in the female wardrobe. Due to the asymmetrical cut, rocker look good on any figure – emphasizes the waist slim ladies, highlights the line of the hips in women with figure “rectangle” and “inverted triangle” conceal tummy under figure type “apple” and structure the line of the shoulders at figure type “pear”.

The only shade that can visually spoil your silhouette is incorrect selected length. If the feature rounded shapes of hips and pelvis (Figure “hourglass” or “pear”) long jacket will slide up and formed folds in the waist. So for you would be more appropriate short models (the line of waist or hip). Eco have volume or stocky torso, wear slightly elongated rockers that visually slim you. If your goal is to distract from her belly, wear jackets with asymmetric edge. The horizontal edge of the jacket will visually expand the problem area.

That’s right jacket with elastic on the bottom edge. Like the rocker jackets, this is a classic cut over from the discharge of highly specialized uniforms in everyday clothing. Such jackets add volume around the waist and normally reach the widest part of the buttocks, so stand well in women with a strong magnificently only bottom unzipped appearance. For women with narrow hips, however, can be a real salvation.
Leather Jacket

Leather jackets a year ago were considered old-fashioned, but now are back in the collections of famous brands. In this, no one can guarantee that will not go out of fashion more next season. If you do buy a leather jacket, pay attention to more casual models with shortened sleeves and asymmetrical rim. They are available at present.
Jacket with Upright Collar

Current patterns are reminiscent team fencing. Can be asymmetrical in fastening or bottom edge, which will hide the shortcomings of many types of figures.
Jacket with Double Buttoning
These leather jackets reminiscent in style of trench coat or a coat, it is desirable to be minimalist, without unnecessary decoration. Stand well on any type of figure, provided they are the right size. Women with delicious curve between waist and hips is better to focus on models with a belt. The length is also dependent on the figure. If you Pichenot hips, the jacket should reach or crotch, or to mid-thigh. So will increase the visual hips. If you have a short neck or chest wide, you are advised to look for a model with V-neck.

The material
Once you have determined the cut, you should think about the material which is sewn jacket. Autumn jacket is your best is grained leather that has not been subjected to polishing processing. It is resistant to water, wind and low temperatures. This skin retains the natural topography of the animal’s skin. Nabucco has a velvety texture and is suitable for women who seek a delicate and elegant models. Unlike suede, nubuck better tolerated contact with moisture. This material is made of leather with aesthetic defects (scratches, etc.), so polished. Cowhide, calfskin, horse leather, buffalo leather are the most severe and resistant to wear species. Jackets similar materials will be too soft to the touch, but will serve you for many years.

Skin a little calf is gentler but equally strong. Lamb skin is light and thin, pleasant to the touch. The pressed skin is made from waste materials from processing. Patent leather with shiny finish. It is better to pay attention to the peculiar subspecies leatherette – eco-leather. It is generally produced from petroleum products and is close in quality to natural skin. The universal color for the leather jacket is black. It is most easily fits in your closet. Black jacket you can wear as a business suit and with a nice dress or casual jeans. If you go black, or for some reason shun that color note of other neutral shades – dark brown, reddish-brown, burgundy, dark blue. It should be noted that the jackets of leather with bright color look cheap, so we recommend you focus on the deep dark colors.