Leather Pants in Summer

But what idea to try donning leather pants when it’s 35 degrees out!!

It’s nice, it’s hot, and… my boyfriend got me for my birthday in the month of August leather pants motorcycle … not any !! One of my dreams !!!

Obviously, to honor this wonderful gift, I wanted to try it

But what idea to try donning leather pants when it’s 35 degrees out!!

So I turn, squirm in every sense, lack of faint, lawn stretches me, ask my boyfriend to pull up while I jump in short, it’s a disaster!

After half an hour of testing, I’m drenched in sweat, exhausted, on the verge of dying, and extremely disappointed not to be able to try this super pants I dreamed for months…

Leather Pants in Summer

Leather Pants in Summer

-Invest in a giant air conditioning or a refrigerator in which I put myself to put my pants

-Expect December to be able to put

-Put talc in my brand new super pants at the risk of finding myself in a rather seductive blend of talc and sweat !!

No no no these solutions are not good !! and then I had an idea !! Since my skin is moist, why not put a sticky?

So here I guess you already screaming behind your screens “she’s crazy! it’s too hot to put a sticky !! “Not promised! I do not speak of big woolen tights as leather pants !! but rather one that is close, color flesh that file as soon as one touches a bit!!

So I put on my very sticky end, and in less than 20 seconds and slipped the pants is closed!!  WIN!!

Strangely I feel good in it, and since it’s 35 degrees out, I think the leather pants makes me hotter than sticking him self!

Obviously I sink on my bike to try life size!

200km later, I decided to withdraw this item from torture have made me lose gallons of water!!(and I hope a few kilos! but is not won!! )

And many thanks to the sticky pants slides alone! in less than 20 seconds, the pants are removed and I saw!

And you girls? How do you wear your leather pants in summer? What is your tip for the thread?