LED Ceiling Lights

They’re the classic under the lights, they are found in almost every room. They are activated by a switch, which is usually located near the door. Right, there is talk of ceiling lights. Because there are some special features on these lights and installation is not always as easy as it first seems, we address them in this post.

Where can I find ceiling lights and what forms they may have?

The installation site

You will find light fixtures – who would have thought that? -on the ceiling. Usually they are mounted in the middle of the room, and thus provide a basic lighting. They usually rather less radiate cosiness, there are but yes dimmable floor and table lamps. Turn on you can by a switch on the door, so that you not only have to stumble over the sofa to bring light into the darkness.

The forms of ceiling lights

Like any other piece of furniture they can assume diverse forms – for example, a simple light bulb, which is enclosed by a screen and emits so warm light in the room. Or a bar with multiple LED-Strahlern, which particularly emphasize some areas of space. In the bathroom you will find the so-called “recessed ceiling luminaire”, which are sunk in the ceiling and have the appearance of a starry sky.

How us affects the brightness of ceiling lights?

Anyone who works in an Office knows how important is the “real light”. Without good light, the eyes are tired faster or you feel stressed and uncomfortable in the offices. Therefore, specialists already deal with the illumination of working areas. Ceiling lights also provide ambient lighting, often in the form of tubes that distribute a bluish green light. That makes up in contrast to reddish light and activated the spirits together with the first cup of coffee. You want to not give up a clear lighting also in the private sector? Instead of the unsightly Office lamps lights are offered for this technique with LED.

LED ceiling lights

The technology is already for a long time on the market, but what speaks for them? LEDs (advertised “light emitting diode”) come up trumps with their higher efficiency and their longer life. But such are compared to conventional ceiling lights with LED still slightly more expensive technology. Maybe can they offset that through its light emission ?

LED ceiling lights are as bright?

In contrast to the light bulb the wattage says LEDs rich little. You implement the energy (which is specified in watts) is much more efficient. Instead of the number of Watts you should watch so the specified brightness in lumens (short: “lm”). The Bavaria consumer service specifies following conversion values for:

  • 25 watt bulb or 5 Watt energy saving lamps (ESL): approx. 200 lumen
  • 40 watt light bulb or 7 Watt ESL: about 400 lumens
  • 60 watt bulb or 11 Watt ESL: about 700 lumens
  • 75 watt light bulb or 15 Watt ESL: 900 lumens
  • 100 watt light bulb or 20 Watt ESL: about 1,300 lumens

Thus you can much better, as bright LED ceiling lights really are.

How to attach ceiling lights?

After you now decide for a lamp, you gotta take him “only” on the ceiling. On the Internet, many different instructions can be found to do so. Is important: always during daylight hours working and switch off the fuse before installing! Otherwise there is a risk of injury. In addition to electrical connections, with which you will connect the ceiling, you must fasten using a hook or some screws and dowels on the ceiling. Here should be taken into consideration above all on the pipes running, which should be drilled in any case. You can find them easily with a detector.