LED Floor Lamps for Home

From the LED floor lamps are the perfect solution for those who want to imbue their environments a touch of style, with an eye to energy conservation.

Floor lamps LED: intelligent lighting

From the LED floor lamps utilize an electronic device that lights immediately due to the least amount of current beam without emitting ultraviolet and infrared rays: this means, above all, you can finally say goodbye to those annoying clouds of mosquitoes and sensitive to UV moschini that troubled so far your summer tranquility! What makes then floor lamps led to particularly attractive is their low power consumption: the savings amount to more than 90% compared to conventional products with incandescent bulbs. And think of the incredible longevity of floor lamps LED: even assuming 8 hours of daily media activities, these accessories will last for about 17 years! The problem then encountered with conventional products is that at some point in their life cycle their light fades and the lighting they provide is no longer hot and intense as before. Even after 45,000 hours of use, however, cool floor lamps led retain 70% of the original issue bright!

Floor lamps LED: illuminate with class

The LED floor lamp (http://www.listofledlights.com/2015/led-bulb-wremote-control/) is a product with unique style, designed in sizes and in many different stylistic variations, because not suitable for a number of different inspiration environments. Do you want to direct the beam of light of your floor lamps led to illumine that wonderful dresser restored recently or that ethnic console purchased last trip to India? Do not be afraid to place these beautiful items next to the cabinet in question: the light of floor lamps led rarely exceeds 60° and you can arrange them in small distances from the wooden furniture and even plastic.

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Floor lamps LED: to each his own style

The incredible versatility of LED floor lamps make them perfect accessories to decorate every house, whatever the dominant style and personality of those who live there.

  • Classical style: choose a solid wood structure from natural shade and a fabric shade, which sings with the dominant colors. Place it at the side of your sofa in ecru cotton, ready to illuminate a walnut bookcase full of works of literature and home & living magazines.
  • Glamorous style: modern and attractive, floor lamps to LEDs are perfect for illuminating a young house and always in step with the latest trends. Do not be afraid to be bold with colors and let free rein to your creative talent creating play of light and shadow.
  • Industrial-style: the imperative is: metal! The colors are the primary ones are enhanced by lavoratura used effect that discolour them and makes them perfect for decorating any room in the house. Why for example do not store your own floor lamp LED in the bed area next to a futon bed structure inspired by the minimal sense of contemporary design?

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