Lenovo Connects Mobile Devices and Projectors

Smartphones, projecting touch keyboards on the table, and Smartwatches, which show a secondary display by Beamer: Lenovo shows concepts for perhaps soon upcoming gadgets.

Lenovo has unveiled two concepts within its Conference Tech World, connect the mobile device and projection technology. Smartcast is a smartphone with a built-in projector whose projection screen can be used at the same time as the input field. Magic View in turn is a Smartwatch when a projector is integrated below the normal display. Users in the correct distance and angle, look to be projected a second, virtual display in the focus of them.

The presented Smartcast Smartphone is equipped with a laser projector and an infrared motion sensor. Set on the back of the Smartphone as directly to a wall can project, to show for example a presentation. At the same time, there is also a mode where the Smartphone upright is provided, and projected onto the surface before him.

Touch input in the illuminated field should be recognized – users could project himself as a keyboard on the table. In the Tech World Lenovo usage scenarios demonstrated with the star pianist Lang Lang. First the haute on a projected keyboard in the keys, the right piano, the projection then replaced the sheet music.

The Smartwatch concept may well be intended for cases, in which the clock display is just too small. According to Lenovo, the virtual display fed from the projector should correspond to the twenty times of the real watch display. That could be used for navigation on cards, watching videos or similar.

According to Android Central, bloggers who were allowed to try out prototypes on-site, you must abide by pretty close the more solid-looking Smartwatch eyes. How well does the projection in daylight and what impact that has on the often hardly exhilarating battery life of a Smartwatch, remains to be seen.

When and if the displayed concepts become marketable products, is already open. With the Yoga 2, Lenovo has at least been a tablet with integrated projector on the market. Its projections were touch capable but not yet. Smartwatches with a projector are also not new: among other things, the manufacturer of Ritot has developed a projector watch. And: A projected keyboard showed the British company of light blue optics already at CES 2010 (axk)