Lenovo New Smartphone for the Western Market

During an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing has addressed the issue of problematic Chinese market and how Middle Eastern and African emerging markets represent one of the main goals of expansion of the company.

Anything new on the horizon, if it weren’t for a declaration that the subject of the discussion shifted from emerging markets to the us. Yang has commented on how Apple has now reached the level of saturation in the u.s. market with iPhone, beginning to make room for the Android competition. Lenovo obviously is not going to stand by and watch their competitors share this important market share, which is why it is willing to launch a new smartphone in July, defined as “most innovative and eye-catching “.

Yang did not specify whether it is a product belonging to the range of motorcycles or the Lenovo brand, although the latter is not credible given the grip of the brand Motorola within the American public. What remains to be seen is the positioning of this new device. It is possible that it is a mid-range Terminal, saw that emerged during a discussion of emerging markets, although the fact that he’s been quoted market space left free by Apple could suggest a more likely range.

For now, ElectronicsMatter.com did not mention other markets beyond the us, so we should wait until July to find out if it will be a product destined to the USA or to all the Western market, including Europe.