LG 4 Nexus Glimpsed Its Price

With the enormous amount of details that we already know the LG 4 Nexus postponed presentation of Google will not surprise us for nothing. The last thing has unveiled is the price for the English market, that Yes: unofficial form.

LG 4 Nexus It will be priced in United Kingdom of 389 pounds, change about 485 euros approximately, being somewhat smaller than the 680 euros requested by Vodafone in Spain during their first months of exclusivity. While it is true he later significantly reduced their cost, the Nexus 4 seems that if lower barrier of 600 euro as official price in Spain since the beginning of the sales.

You must be the sign that you have here above and that indicated the price belongs to Carphone Warehouse, equivalent to The Phone House in United Kingdom. The terminal characteristics are already known by all, with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Quad head and much more.

What is usual in the Nexus range that firm Google is that they are not completely cutting-edge phones in terms of hardware, although other belonging to the high end. It happened with the Galaxy Nexus and it seems that it will happen with the Nexus 4. Its main virtue is precisely to be able to enjoy all the official update at the time that Google free them, something that many appreciate. Curiously, the lack of updates in the LG terminals are one of the main criticisms of the terminals from South Korean manufacturer, with what a Nexus signed by them seems a great choice. Will it be the success of the previous models signed by HTC and Samsung?