LG G4 Beats iPhone 6 In Renowned Camera Test

The LG G4 is sold already for a few months, but until now the DxOMark experts had the opportunity to check the cameras of the Smartphone through its paces. The LG G4 leaving in terms of image and video quality almost the entire competition behind – including iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

Especially the auto focus of the LG smartphones liked the testers – except the image quality -, which is characterized by its speed. The LG G4 brings at least MP a back camera with 16, while the camera on the front of Selfies with a resolution of 8 MP.

LG G4 Beats iPhone 6 In Renowned Camera Test

LG G4 Takes Very Good Photos – Even In Low Light

During the test, the Auditors noticed that the LG G4 schummrigem light is still able to absorb low-noise photos. Furthermore, the photos and videos with rich color and detail points. Also the auto exposure was able to convince at the LG G4. Less well, the saturation value at the blue sky and the emergence of image artifacts in exterior shots liked the experts.

Total reached the LG G4 in the camera review of 83 out of 100 points, which is two of all tested smartphones of DxOMark on place. While the LG G4 must beaten by the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge only, that it brings on 86 points. Even the cameras of the Apple iPhone 6 Smartphone and iPhone 6 plus, both with 82 points is still in the upper League play, here not with the LG G4 compete. Also in the test of curved, could convince the camera of LG G4 and reaches even the top spot in our camera comparison among the Smartphones.