LG G4: Teaser Video Indicates Improved Camera

Smartphone with f1. 8 camera: LG has released a short film, a special feature of the LG G4 anteasert: the camera is an F1. 8-Panel have. As a result, it is possible that much light in a short opening enters the aperture on the camera sensor.

The teaser video only shots at night to the f1 shows accordingly. to bring 8-Panel of the LG G4. Colourless pictures a lens moves each, so that for example then the colours of a night city is visible. Finally even the date is inserted where the LG G4 will officially be presented: the 28 April 2015.

Third Video Of The LG G4

It is the third video, published by the company to the LG G4 on YouTube already, reports 9to5Google. The two previous short films dealt with the new version of the UI UX. Therefore a new trigger, which should allow a faster press the camera is one of the new features.

End of January it was announced also that the correction angle of LG G4 camera of the predecessor of LG G3 to 0.7 0.5 should be lifted. Expected to be, the main camera of smartphones will offer a resolution of 16 MP. You can find all rumors and information about the upcoming flagship model by LG till end of April in our comprehensive overview of the topic.

LG G4 Teaser Video Indicates Improved Camera