LG G5 is Most Anticipated Smartphone

Two days ago we proposed a survey regarding the top range of the first mid-2016 that most attract you and that you are curious to see. How often are the usual suspects those who collect the most votes but undoubtedly this year the turnaround seems to be. Although Huawei with Mate 8 has already submitted her top range and then took part in the survey only P9, Samsung and LG have collected greater numbers even though there is a “third” wheel.

This year ‘s most anticipated smartphone LG G5 by our site readers and the product which collected alone nearly 17% of the vote (on just under 5000 received). Although very little is known of this product and although it is not yet certain his presentation on the occasion of the MWC 2016, LG seems to have nonetheless piqued the imagination of users who expect something new, special, different from the G4 and able to astonish. As always the expectations too high could disappoint in part but to contribute to the first place of the G5 is also probably a great G4 that has characterized the 2015 and the lack of a true flagship LG last year. LG V10 has indeed left his mark arriving late and going much unnoticed.

Maybe The biggest surprise is the second step of the podium that it’s not up to S7, as many would imagine, but at the Surface Phone. Actually this smartphone is, at present, more a myth than something real and concrete and maybe never will come. It is however interesting to see how a smartphone branded Surface both came in second place despite Windows Mobile 10 today live in a limbo where the awareness of being still in a transitional phase is clear. Although the brand recognition in the world from Windows Mobile, Lumia Surface Phone seems to be greeted with even more enthusiasm than another Lumia top range (which will arrive shortly).

The podium is Galaxy S7 though things to make a clarification. In the poll, for obvious reasons, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were divided as two different products and probably using a different size (Plus). Combining the votes of both the S7 is the one who had the largest number of votes with more than 21% audience share but we prefer to still read the vote separately as has been proposed in the survey.

Having said that, in spite of S7 you know “everything”, it is unclear whether the new flagshgip from Samsung will be greater success than S6 or whether the large number of competition and a Snapdragon processor 820 able to fight on equal terms with the Exynos, they can limit the rise. What is certain is that even in this case, the expectations are high and although the rumor gave a damped the enthusiasm by showing a design very similar to that of the top range 2015, Samsung could impress with important new software and more.

Wooden Medal for M10 that, among fans and visitors to the web, keep dreaming. Although sales of HTC smartphones are falling and the company can’t seem to find the right key, loyal users know the value of the brand, they know the quality of the products and are aware of the goodness of the Sense interface and optimization software of the taiwanese company.

Finally, among the others who have voted, it emerges that already at the beginning of the year iPhone 7 is one of the most desired and expected despite the imagined smartphone survey did not take into account. Also notable and significant Nexus users employees Note 6 in third place among the outsiders “.