LG Optimus L7 (P700) in the Test

The cheap Optimus L7 like this with elegance, great user interface and rich endurance. The equipment lags something however.

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Send smartphones the electronics giant LG knows, as most recently the Prada phone by LG 3.0 has shown. The most recent copies of the Korean design department is reflected in the brand new L-style series.

This consists of three surprisingly affordable models, of which the here tested Optimus L7 spearhead represents and wanders without a contract for slim 299 euros over the counter. On the Web is available in black or white smartphone even from 230 euros. This is all the more surprising, because LG has been with the Optimus L7 truly strong features.

Equipment: Great hardware with NFC

So, a 4.3-inch TFT display presents the content. Display dissolves with surf-friendly 480 x 800 pixels and also provides a good brightness of 360 cd/m2. Also the sharp and color-neutral appearance impressed in the test.

Otherwise the Optimus L7 brings the standards like HSPA, n Wi-FI, A-GPS and Bluetooth. A 5-megapixel sensor captures photos, convinced the image quality but only in good lighting; that’s it for fun pictures. The FM radio and the music player provide entertainment where the supplied headset acoustically not necessarily pulls one off the stool.

Highlight a self-adhesive NFC tag brings the Optimus L7 (NFC stands for Near Field Communication). This tag can configure the LG owner with the already installed program LG day +.

Choose between four modes, which puts the Smartphone after touching the tags in certain conditions of use, as in the car or Office mode.

Climb in the car where they brought to the configured NFC tag, for example automatically turn your phone on Bluetooth and connects to the car radio. Finally a practical purpose of NFC, the many other NFC phones still do not offer.

Operation: Small deficit of pace of, successful Optimus UI 3.0

The 1 GHz processor MSM7227A from the House of Qualcomm to provide a fast operating speed, which can be accessed on 512 MB of RAM. There are also around 2.4 GB memory available, which you can fill with music and movies, for example.

Despite this fairly regular basis the test device in everyday agreed some time time to time, to perform functions, even scrolling Web pages required patience.

The rather weak benchmark results of the LG Optimus L7 correspond to this impression. But overall, the suits at a quite high level, especially given the cheap price is.

To highlight the attractive user interface of Optimus is 3.0, which helps the Android-4.0.3-Smartphone to an own look UI. It offers great animations and some options that the user can set up the five lets and the clearly arranged main menu to his liking. It offers comfort in everyday life.

Laboratory measurements: Strong endurance

Schwächelt the L7 in the facilities, so is the design model when it comes to endurance at its best and boasts with excellent results. So we measured the relevant operating time in everyday use with strong 5:34 hours, talk time is about 13 hours in GSM mode and more than five hours in the UMTS usage – this is top.

Less good, it looks at the only ordinary transmission and reception quality. Also the somewhat noisy acoustics was not the yellow of the egg.

Conclusion: for bargain hunters

However, the buyer at the LG Optimus L7 Gets a great Smartphone with nice skin and strong stamina for relatively little money. Bargain hunters come at their expense.