LG Presents Flexible and Transparent OLED Displays

LG Shows the OLED Display of the Future

Where there are flexible and transparent OLED displays – for so what? At LG, of course. In terms of innovative display technology shows LG’s again the competition as it goes. The South Korean company has presented two new display prototypes. One of the presented OLED display is transparent, the other OLED prototype is especially flexible — so flexible, that this bundle OLED prototype, which has a screen size of 18 inches, to a few centimeters diameter can be.

LG seems to know how it goes. The companies from the far East has presented these days a flexible 18-inch OLED display, which can be curled up to a diameter of just 3 cm without functional impairment–reported this has the Korea IT times. The presented OLED display has a resolution of 1,280 x 810 pixels and a curvature radius of 30R. LG is using this technique possible to make roll-up 50-inch TVs in the future.

The back wall of this futuristic screen does not consist of plastic, but from high-molecular material polyimide – thus, the display is even leaner and more flexible, and extremely flexible. In addition to this flexible 18-inch OLED display, LG has introduced also a transparent 18-inch OLED Panel. This novel OLED display is 30% translucent, turbidity, caused by the use of circuits and film layers, by LG was reduced to 2 percent. For comparison: the translucent panels of the competition are not 30 percent, but so far only 10 percent of translucent.

LG Wants to Be Market Leader in the Display Area

LG has much according to in-Byung Kang, the Senior Vice President and head of the research and Development Department of the LG displays: the South Korean company will Kang according to have developed 2017 flexible and transparent ultra-HD-OLED displays with a light transmission of over 40 percent and with a diagonal of about 60 inches and a radius of curvature of about 100R and thus become the market leader in the field of OLED displays.

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