Light Up Your Desk with Conventional Lamps

Current lamps to light up your office better.


In this new series of posts that add to this blog of lighting, we intend to give you fast, Visual ideas and practices that can help you and serve as a guide to illuminate best spaces very specific. We want that reading to help you much if you are architect or interior designer and you are working on a new project (in the case of today would be office lightingprojects), as if you are a business owner and are looking for options on how update the lighting to make it more optimal.

Today will present you some of which we consider best designs of desk lamps,  all of which are indispensable if you want to get the best visual quality in your work area. The selection we have made is composed of lamps that have been designed to provide you with maximum comfort, flexibility, functionality and, of course, durability.

LED technology He has allowed to design effective and elegant models with minimum size, offering the very highest lighting quality. Most of these models have a dimmer, with optical sensor such as Flex and Demetra, or sensor “green mode” that compensates for light according to the lighting of each moment as it is the case of the Kelvin Led from Flos.

The energy consumption of these desk lamps is minimal, 8-10W, which represents a saving of 80% compared with the consumption of conventional lamps. The low temperature emission is one of the best advantages of using these lamps from office, since las conventional bulbs emit much heat, fatigue eye and give little sense of comfort.

When you want to add value to your work area we recommend that you beat a good work light that in addition to provide ambient lighting in the space, also offers you a more precise light table. Remember that the benefits of good lighting are immediate.

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