Lighting Ideas for Outdoors

Sit back, feel good and enjoy the sun. For garden, terrace or balcony in the summer are just the right places. Then, when even family and friends to host are-the better.However, you should ensure that neither you nor your guests sit in the dark. Candles, Lanterns and lights are nice to look at but give in most cases not enough light. But what if found on your favorite outdoor space no outlet or the power line is too short? No problem, even for tricky situations, there is beautiful lighting solutions. A small selection of our lighting ideas for outdoors, we present in this paper.

Applies in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony as well as in the living area: Less is more. Put the light thus always discreet and very specifically, taking care especially always that it appears no one. Our tip: By several small lights at different locations occur effective light islands that structure the exterior and perfect way to show. We recommend in addition to functional lighting on paths or at home in most cases mobile lamps, with long feeder cables or self-powered solar or battery lights. They can in fact be always new, always use different. This creates tension and regularly new perspectives.

Top priority: The Protection Must Comply With The Weather Conditions

You should always be sure that you are running out only lights that have a weather protection matching.Meaning: The practical and flexible May Day by Flosmay only be used due to the low degree of protection IP20 outdoors when it is not raining or is completely dry. In fine summer weather, however, designed by top designer Konstantin Grcic Lichtobjekt reveals her many skills. For the nearly 5-meter long power supply cable, the handy-large hanging loop with cable winder and the housing made ​​of polypropylene allow a lot of leeway.Thus, the May Day lamp can be placed for example on the table, floor or lawn, hung in trees and even a few meters are taken into the garden. The same holds true for the colorful lamp Lampion T1 / W1 by the Italian manufacturer Rotaliana . She is similarly flexible, but has also only the protection IP20 on.

If Power Is Not Available, Battery And Solar Lights Can Be Helpful

Who feels the power cord on the other hand as a nuisance or who has no outlet in outdoor areas, can alternatively take like also battery-powered lamps with the outside. For example, the 400 lumens strong and dimmable Roxxane Fly the German manufacturer Nimbus. Roxxane Fly are in practical pocket format, the lamp can easily be folded up and thanks to the magnets in the lamp base mounted even on metal surfaces. But this model has only the degree of protection IP20 and can therefore only be used outdoors when there is no precipitation. If you prefer to go completely on the safe side, you should only use lights outdoors, which are at least have the protection IP44 and thus suitable without problems for outdoor use. A good, also wireless alternative is here, for example, the LED pedestal light Luceplan Sky , which is powered by solar energy and thanks to the included ground spike easily can be inserted anywhere in the ground – regardless of current leads or sockets.

Solar lamps Need Sufficient Light – and a Powerful Battery

However, solar lights are not universally applicable. They need a place where they can soak up a lot of sun during the day, so that charging their battery. Means: solar lights should not be placed in a dark place or under bushes, trees and shrubs so that they can absorb the sunlight.In addition, solar lights are not as bright as electric-powered outdoor lights from home and can also discharged relatively quickly. The latter is especially the case if the production quality of the solar light and the integrated battery therein are inferior. The experience has shown that often the case when it comes to cheap products from the hardware store. But a well-designed garden, a terrace and in most cases also the balcony most of which have outlets. If so, you can set effective light accents outdoor course with chic designer lighting.

This Creates Tension: Mobile Luminaires Can Be Rearrange As Needed

Send light objects-whether on or off-real eye-catcher that characterize the appearance of the exterior. Take care when selecting the lights but always make sure that the light does not blind and so endangered the beautiful evening atmosphere. Our tip: glare-standing and floor lamps create a particularly pleasant, homely atmosphere on the terrace, the balcony or in the garden. Depending on the size, these lights can be arranged even with little effort crazy or otherwise. Thus, the flexibility in the exterior lighting are (almost) no limits. Provided is near an electrical outlet, or at least an extension cord.

Stylish, Colorful, Flexible: These Lights Cost Any Outdoor Area on

A modern classic for the atmospheric lighting of the outer region is now the LED floor lamp Fil de Fer Terra by Catellani & Smith . It is a spectacular light sphere of polished aluminum in labyrinthine structure. The floor lamp Maxi P Outdoor  by Spanish Bover whose pleated diffuser is made ​​of white polyethylene, is even somewhat handsome. The Maxi P outdoor luminaire can either be bolted to the base with the floor, but it also has a very stable fixation without stand. Colorful and hand flexibility is the Octopus Outdoor Village of Top Light . This lamp does not only by their design loads of pep in the garden, her glow stick is adequate for bend and stuck with little effort into the ground thanks to a spit also.

Conclusion: There is for almost all situations a right solution and the right light. Sometimes simply are asked only clever ideas. If you need help in finding the matching lamp, please contact us! The preacher Lichtberater are here to help.