Logitech Air Speaker Test

That Logitech is actually in the computer world at home you notice immediately: also from the PC can be accessed easily on the Logitech ü air speaker. The test shows whether it sounds good.

The PC Pro Logitech can look back on numerous successes in the field of audio. The best-known example is the Squeezebox family of streaming music is the purest piece of cake. But also many rather inconspicuous-looking PC speaker surprise with an/excellent price / performance ratio.

Streaming from PC via airplay

The fusion of two worlds – streaming and transducer – given Apple disciples now a compact all-round system: the Logitech ü air speaker. Yet even PC users via iTunes button in the wireless music enjoyment. Basic requirement for airplay is a functioning WI Fi network. The transfer of music files a real time takes place at conversion to the Apple Lossless format.

If the battery charging ends with this power feeding orgy, you can plug your iPod safely onto the front-mounted mechanical dock – and at the same time listen to music at the same time. The Air Speaker also wired to the local network can communicate thanks to the LAN Jack on the back. Even easier is only via the Mini Jack input, where any high-level player can dock.

Setting up the Wi-FI connection, the device must initially take place on the docking tray. After you download of a free app, Setup takes the user through the necessary steps – and already the first notes from the Above air flow.

The game of the Logitech sounded calm with a minimum low midrange emphasis. Bass slightly low, it was somewhat nasal discolored voices pleasant directly, but on the other hand – well through resonance, which is demonstrated in the laboratory measurement.