Long Dresses for Evening

Theme that then I’ll offer is very important for all women to versa precious, so talk about dresses long evening 2014 that called in English referred to as maxi dresses that is a versatile element that you must have in your wardrobe and is especially widely used in spring and summer. Similarly, the truth is that they are very fresh, comfortable and too many developers that stands out for its different and colorful design as any other casual dress.

The basic thing is these beautiful dresses is to choose the type of genre that you want to use as: elegant, classical, romantic, Bohemian or casual which is the key to in choosing the maxi dress and especially the type of figure and combination which should be suitable to your beauty.

How choose the dress Ideal according to your style and figure?

The long, tight, loose, plain or patterned than most women love and use this type of dresses, since it is a garment that makes you look very feminine and flirty. Therefore these long evening dresses are appropriate for some bodies protruding a cute beauty for any special occasion. Elishui.info will provide some tips for you to choose the dress that perfectly suits your style and figure.

·         IF YOU’RE SHORT:

For those women who are not so high it is not advisable to wear dresses so long, because while you look less small legs you’ll be and especially if you want to take a long model you can use good heels that will make you look high. Therefore it is better to opt for a dress to the knee or more above so it will make you look stylish and slender and equally choose geometrical and straight cuts on any occasion that highlights a cute picture of daring woman.


If you characterised by having a hips and abundant chest is preferable to wearing dresses decolletage in V shape that can hide your big bust, especially you can choose dresses that fit at the waist that you can provide a slender figure and opt for garments with flights at the bottom so that it conceals your prominent hips so you can get a very feminine touch.


If you have a large size, the idea is to hide some more prominent parts of your figure. With which a single tone simple dresses are preferable and without prints or horizontal lines, also the V-neckline and Court Empire are a great choice, since that court below the bust is very flattering for you can attenuate some extra pounds.


For this type of body basics is to use sheer dresses with volumes and precious flights, jointly suitable models that mark the waist and then it can be opened towards the hips. Mostly you can opt for long dresses or long and large blouses with fabrics of silk or iridescent fabrics that goes very well to create a curvy and airy effect.