Looks Almost Perfect

Winter sale on one side, launches spring/summer, and you lost without knowing where to run. Want some help? If you play the game is played, come on! Girls, you’ve noticed that lately our posts are with a special focus on the universe of fashion? We’re calling this season of “Fashion Week“. Hehehehe! The reason is that with so many deals going on in stores and previews of new collections arriving, we can’t waste time. Run away, run away, visit various shops, test products, anyway, we’re always in search of the best tips for stuffing our virtual showcase of innovations and facilitate the day to day. And today, debuting on our catwalk, we want to introduce you to the Almost Perfect, multibrand store for women of Campo Grande/MS, but it sells for all Brazil.

The big news is that the store has started to receive the preview spring/summer 2014, but at the same time is with a super promo for burn the winter stock. It has beautiful thing to be panned. Best of all is that you can make a “hi-lo” and mix a new collection with a part that is in the liquid, and so on a multitude of fashion options, just use creativity. For those who already got tired of winter and just think about the trends that comes around, we caution: the news are groovy, it’s going to be impossible to control the consumerist impulse! We went in the store and we set up an Editorial Fashion beautiful, super colorful and full of inspirations, with the preview of the spring/summer collection that has just arrived in store and we also choose some looks that are on sale. Of course we made a photo book. Everyone gets excited and doesn’t want to stop putting pictures. But we know you love this diversity, after all the more better!