Lsabel Marant Sneakers

Emma Watson returns to the set of the advertising campaign of Pharmacylib and for once we could see her more casual and natural. Of course, since the time of the premiere of “Happy Potter”, the saga of the film that launched a little girl and saw her grow as a beautiful woman and actress, Emma Watson has accustomed us to look very different, princely outfits and large style and of course griffatissimi. It is not always easy to see them wearing a look more within our reach, so we take this opportunity to flight time and see how to copy his casual clothing choice.

In the end it is also the way she wears high fashion clothes to them earned the favor of Lancome, Emma Watson is really wonderful for both his features, both as outfits door also very elegant despite his young age. I look for the premiere we have really left speechless in the last year, you do not agree?So here she is on the set of Lancome with a look from biker mood and decidedly tomboyish but the is fine.

In addition to skinny jeans and blacks at the top, we see her wearing a fabulous nail skin and under tick here one of the models of sneakers that in this period are depopulating between the celebrity, the sneakers “Betty” signed Isabel Marant and think white leather suede. Nothing so showy or eccentric, and in spite of that than the casual choices of other actresses like Kristen Stewart, I would say that Emma Watson looks great even so, do not you?