Make Suitcase with the My Sparkling Diary

You have the suitcase always ready as a real diva? Here’s what usually happens every time you pack your bags… Fortunately there is the app of My Diary Sparkling!
You know that moment when you’re ahead of the cabinet and would like to put all your belongings in your suitcase? Probably happens every time you need to leave, for a safari in Africa or even just for a weekend at the untouched sea and escape. Consulates: it happens to all, on time, every time that we have to fill the trolley. Some examples?

  1. Get on the scale embraced the suitcase. You know that overweight is still there so I weights along with the luggage. The number that is displayed on the display you always puts some anxiety… Together weighed about the same as a sea lion.
  2. You would carry around the entire houseWhat would you like to have a magic wand to shrink your clothes and fit everything into the suitcase, as does the Merlin suitcases in The Sword in the Stone.How would you like?
  3. What would you like to start with the half-empty suitcase. Pure Utopia, who succeeds? It’s a miracle if you can close it. Instead it would be a good idea to leave a little for the gifts, especially if you plan on doing to your destination shopping spree. When in doubt, put it in another suitcase suitcase, matryoshka effect: you can fill it with all of your purchases and send it home.
  4. Arrange your clothes on the bed or on the couch. It’s a good technique to get the glimpse of your outfits, but there is better: one procured Parade booth (located a few Euros from Ikea) and hang your complete outfits, placing the shoes in every look and supplementing them with accessories.A true diva never wears the same thing twice!
  5. You sit on the suitcase to be able to close it. It means that you have filled too much, we want to make it burst?Resign and take away something, or divide the load into two bags. Or take a suitcase with the bellows, to make it more or less capacious when needed.
  6. When you travel by car fill the trunk of shoes. Beautiful comfortable, in their boxes.It’s such a wonderful feeling that makes you want to travel the world in the car and never take more than the train or plane. What will it take to get to Indonesia by land?
  7. You need to revise your idea of “strictly necessary.” It only takes amaxi T-shirt over jeans and a sparkling bracelet for the day, a little dress and valuable brooch for the evening, to feel okay. Why then, every time you leave for the weekend, you have to get you behind a set of luggage that would be the envy away a rock star?

Live too and always ready with your suitcase? Download the free app My Sparkling Diary for Apple devices on iTunes and for Android on Google Play.

Sparkling My Diary is the diary of your look always at hand, even when you’re traveling around the world. Under Suitcase you can create a list of items and accessories to take on trips with you, depending on the occasion. You can create your suitcase for business trips, to go on vacation, for your weekend at the beach or in town. So with just a few clicks you’ll be ready to go in five minutes, without forgetting anything home!