Make Wall Clock Craft

Step 1
Once you have selected the items you would like to use your watch, give it their luster by polishing your rotary tool Dremel. If cleaning the brass elements, we in this case, we recommend the use of brass brushes. These brushes do not emit sparks and softer than steel, so it will not scratch. Use brass brushes when cleaning soft metals like gold, copper or brass.

Tip: When using brushes polishing, always drop your tool no more than 15,000 rev/Min. Slowly and gently walk through the workpiece. Here, we begin by cleaning larger surfaces with a brush 536 and narrower spaces reach with a brush 537. If cleaning silver elements, use a brush with natural bristles. They are ideal for deburring, cleaning, polishing of silverware, jewelry and other precious metals. For extra shine, use brushes with natural bristles with polishing paste.

Step 2
Fit Your polished pieces to the wall for this purpose we used a hot glue gun. Add the final touch to your wall clock by decorating clockwork (phoenixwallclocks as the center of the clock with arrows). Note that if you add polished elements to the mechanism itself powered by battery, the mechanism can not support the weight. We have found that the chain mechanism works best in keeping the heavier elements of silver. For this purpose we took the center of the old chain mechanism and a hot glue gun glued the handle of an old spoon and knife on the clock. We hid the chain, shuffled through the wall.