Makeup for Evening Wedding

Always wear makeup properly is crucial, even more so on her wedding day. Here are some tips for an evening reception.

The wedding makeup should be light and natural. The evening however you can even exaggerate a little bit. It is important to give the ladies a touch of brightness, so even if you have decided to create a full-fledged gala, is not suitable for the smokey eyes. This technique, characterized by a very pronounced eye makeup, not bestowing on her wedding day. Tends to remove purity and make your face a little more aggressive.

Long eyelashes and thick. To give depth to the look you have to use a fair amount of mascara. If it is not long enough, we recommend that you apply the lashes. Are there any products (adhesives) that create a really natural look.

The wedding lipstick on her lips. Usually the rule eyes very made up – natural lips and vice versa. If you want to emphasize your mouth well opt for a color quite full for the evening. That’s maybe not a fiery red, but there are some very beautiful and sensual pink intended, which can make the warm smile.

Eye shadow. Rejected, as we said at the beginning, black and dark grey. For the evening though stronger gradients can be used, perhaps with a deep violet, a beautiful green or a Brown tending to bronze. Do not add the pencil and eyeliner (1950s-style), but the simple mascara. In addition, pour in gold or silver. The eye will seem wider and more intense gaze.