MáSmovil and Improvements of 30 MB Free Offer Survey a Month

Last week Telstra launched its own survey with hopes that will serve as guide for the innovations that will be announced on November 26, but such surveys are not new and operators as MÁSmovil they know to get them out as shown in the presentation of their new rates.

Now MÁSmovil launches a new questionnaire focused on the use of social networks via mobile phone It will help launch next novelties of those “who like to users as happened with the rate of voice”.

In addition MÁSmovil launched months ago by a promotion to gave 30MB per month in contract and prepaid for the use of social networks from mobile phones, now confirms that included traffic shall be valid for any use as navigation or email.

To enjoy of the 30 MB/month free forever, It is only necessary to invite a friend via the client area of the OMV and at that time, sent us an SMS with the APN data to use to come out free.