Maternity Sweaters

You always ask me the tips to use in the maternity ward. I’m not sure I’m the best person to do this because my viewpoint changed quite a bit from before have to Bruna, and now in the second pregnancy.

The only thing I know for sure is that I’m not wearing silk shirts with embroidery, because although many women love and find it beautiful (I think!), I wouldn’t feel comfortable receiving male visitors as well. I don’t know why but in my opinion I think these sweaters look more sexy, not only by the fabric and the neckline. Something to use at home with her husband, don’t you think?

When Bruna was born I chose to buy only clothes, mesh or Homewear. All right larguinha pants with a blouse that opened to breastfeed and a matching cardigan. But I’ll be honest, I didn’t like any of the models used in 4 days. Because although comfortable, stayed with a man “start” a lot. Knitted clothes if you don’t have a coolest detail is well with pajamas according to Beautyphoon.

So I decided to change a bit, this time I decided on buying sweaters, linen chemise type. Because it has a face more neat for a shirt, and size and dress modeling, of course more “long one”. I think it’s more feminine than the model with pants. And all the sweaters with openness and comfort enough to breastfeed. Are also templates that I will take enough after Manuela was born to use at home.

I discovered the brand Prananá, which only sells to order, and that makes pajamas and cute sweaters for a great price. See the models that I had. The photos are not very sharp, but you can already get an idea.

Marine ribbed Chemise Nightgown and shirt collar

White Chemise Nightgown with lace details and golinha like father

lace detail and white nervurinhas

And if by chance you are too cold or I’m very bloated, I can put a color sweater legging underneath that is super cool. I think better than the baggy pants.

In fact on the first day (we didn’t get visit) will put a sweater too kind but mesh chemise. And in 2 days I visit main put these 2, because in the 4th day you will leave early and not visitors.

But now the coolest; the Prananá also makes pajamas and sweaters for children and some models equal to adults. Look at the template that I made in my Pajamas to Bruna equal my sweater, the sweater was so fancy that I will wear it with jeans as a tunic top!

I separated some models that the brand does and you can choose the color you want, ask for openness to breastfeed, put longer, anyway … adapt as you prefer.

(very basic chemise)

(I love this for the summer)

(with pants)

(this is equal to my father, but with golinha marine type)

(that of white and beige poa I think beautiful! I’m still thinking if I do one more and choose this!)

(this I think wonderful!)

Aren’t they gorgeous?!

Who want to order and view all models, learn values and other information, simply send an email to Prananá and talk to Regina: our site or by phone at 11 8201-1635.

And you, what did they use in the maternity ward?