Melissa Shoes Footwear Sandals 2016

Melissa sandals are known for the variety of designs, colors and types: wedge, platform shoe with heels or flats. Plastic, they are lightweight, beautiful, stylish and sustainable. Not to mention the smell of tutti-frutti , which attracted generations: Melissa already has 35 years!

History of Melissa

Melissa is a creation of the state company Grendende of Farroupilha, Rio Grande do Sul. Before the sandal, the brothers Alexandre and Pedro Grendene, manufactured plastic packaging for wine bottles.

The plastic sandal was launched in 1979 in the now classic Spider model. The name is due to the braided hollow plastic strips, which resembles a spider. It was inspired by the shoes worn by French Riviera fishermen. In the first two months, Grendene brothers sold about 200,000 pairs. The success did not stop there.

In the same year of the launch of the Spider model, Melissa pioneered. Appearing at the feet of the characters of the novel Dancing Days, it was the first brand to advertise in a soap opera in Brazil.


30 years ago, in 1984, Grendene launched the children’s version of the plastic sandal. The Melissinha was an absolute success. From there, the kids line continues to sell thousands of pairs.

Melissa is Fashion

Famous fashion designers have designed models of Melissa since the decade of 80. The first was the French Jean-Paul Gaultier in 1983. Within the brand internationalization project, names as Thierry Mugler, Vivienne Westwood, Jacqueline Jacobson and Elisabeth Seneville made versions of sandal.

Melissa also has partnered with Brazilian designers such as Gloria Coelhoand Alexandre Herchcovitch.

Summer Collection 2016

The summer 2016 collection is called “Eat My Melissa”. In Portuguese, “eat my Melissa”. It is an allusion to the stimulus that causes the smell sandal Tutti-Frutti. With the new collection, the brand also enjoys the food is fashionable: appears in food programs on television and is sought increasingly unusual restaurants such as the Food Trucks.

Eat My Melissa is full of colorful sandals in a variety of models, some with retro inspiration. The collection features signature names like Vivienne Westwood, J. Maskrey, Jason Wu and Karl Lagerfeld.


One of the highlights is the classic Ultragirl inspired by the Disney movie, Maleficent. The model is called the production in English, “Maleficent”. Has wings applied to the side and can be found in four different colors: black, matte black, and white wine. The cost is R$129.90.

Classic Model: Spider 79
The first model of Melissa sandals had several readings in the 35 – year history. The summer 2016 collection brings more of them, reminiscent of the original. You can find in different colors such as transparent, transparent with glitter, silver, pearl, black, brown, beige, blue, pink and bicolor – pink/blue. The average price is R$99.90 on

One By One
As the name says, the sandals of this collection are sold “one by one”. There are nine models in which each foot is sold separately: A sandal that fits both the left foot as the right. 81 It is possible to form different combinations. Among the models available are beige with black stripes and poá. The average price is $49.90.

Hefty Price Tag
The value of a pair of sandals Melissa is around $100. There are some variations, as the model “Melissa Pearl + Karl Lagerfeld”, which costs R$219.90. The model “Square Spider + J. Maskrey” comes to be worth R$599.90. This is for fans of Melissa, the “Melisseiras”!

The brand also thought of the brides and created an alternative that can be beautiful and comfortable at the wedding party. The model “Ultragirl Wedding + J Maskrey” has application Swarovisk crystals in the shape of fireworks, which ends up weighing in your pocket: R$499.90.

Where to Buy?
In addition to the thousands of Brazil around the outlets, you can buy your Melissa in the virtual store brand.
Mind your Melissa

The Melisseiras indicate a lot of care to keep your sandals well preserved to last enough! Check it:

  • Avoid using your sandal with dark glaze: can spot!
  • Use a shiny coating on the nails to avoid the enamel stains.
  • After using the sandal and before storing, leave it for a few minutes in a cool place.
  • Use the hair dryer to soften the plastic and adjust the sandal feet.
  • Avoid using flocked sandals in the rain.
  • Look for a special varnish to prevent the glitter release sandal.