Men’s Sweaters – What Do You Know about Them

Though mandatory autumn attribute integral part of the wardrobe of a gentleman when they come colder months, most men know little about sweaters – so not many dare to take advantage of the whole range of styles and models available. From the color to the matter, it is important to emphasize your individuality in the choice of quality and durability in your plan to supplement to your choice of sweaters for Autumn – Winter in this article we will try to you in predadem. Good idea of models, materials care for them and how to wear. Sweaters or cardigans, thick or thin, coarse or colored in bright or dark shades they resonate autumn-winter season in many different styles, combining functionality with the latest trends from the catwalks. Wool fabrics is perhaps the first matter that comes to mind when it comes to solid winter clothes and sweaters are no exception. Though its quality and softness may vary, depending on what the animal’s wool is the most traditional choice of fabric in males sweaters. The wave can keep you long warm even when wet, but at the same time it needs a large amount of care. To avoid shrinkage, it is washable best hand in water at a moderate temperature and dried in dryer. Of course dry cleaning is also a good option.

Wool sweaters men should have folded instead of hanging on a hanger. Cashmere is the highest standard when it comes to men’s sweaters. Warm, soft and incredibly lightweight cashmere sweater is more than a good investment. Paying a high price must be sure of perfect quality. Proof of this is the ability to retain their color over time intact. Avoid men’s sweaters from fabrics that mimic Kashmir and follow the rules for maintenance, which we mentioned in the wave.

Cotton men’s sweaters have this feeling of warmth as in wool and cashmere. You can wear them directly on your skin without the risk of irritation. They are also suitable for machine washing, but should be kept from moisture. Cotton sweaters are cheaper than wool and cashmere, but also wear out faster. Given that the cotton passes for breathable fabric, it can be worn throughout the year. Male sweaters from synthetic materials can mimic the properties of wool and cotton, the main advantage is significantly lower price. Often they do not need special care when it comes to washing and maintenance. Sweaters made of synthetic fibers are more resistant to chemicals, but not so hot and breathe less. When it comes to style, pattern and colors in a sweater path you decide to take, can lead to a myriad of combinations, some more successful than others.

In terms of styles: Men’s sweaters with V-neck. Most often in combination with a shirt (no tie for a casual look or with a tie for business meetings) or T-shirt with a V-neckline. When worn with shirt collar should remain under the sweater, but also cuffs. Men’s sweaters round neckline. The most logical and easiest choice is to bet on the classics. Whether in combination with jeans and sneakers or under your favorite jacket, men’s sweaters round neckline are the most universal model in this category. Whether of light material or coarse stitch, the most appropriate combination with oxford shirt and indigo jeans male. Men’s sweaters Aran (sweaters with tangles). This model is emblematic of Brit fashion. In combination with male jeans with frayed effects and white sneakers, these sweaters carry within themselves the most characteristic style of Albion. They can be worn casually and slightly baggy.

Fat men’s sweaters with tangles should be very tailored around the torso, which does not apply to the shoulders and armpits. The best way to wear these sweaters is not wearing a coat. Men’s jumper or cardigan – another symbol of British fashion. When the fabric is light, the best company is one waisted white shirt and at the rough knits, white shirt and blue denim deleted complement your casual set. Remember when wearing men’s jackets leave the bottom button unbuttoned. Men’s sweaters polo. They never go out of fashion – men in dark polo is a mandatory attribute in a man’s wardrobe. In combination with a formal suit or combined with elegant sport jacket and jeans, these men’s sweaters always add a touch of elegance in men’s vision. Ribbed sweaters are one of the most popular models knits. When buying not forget to select thin strips of fine knits and wide strips of thick knit sweaters. With solid colors fine knits are a safer choice at the office. For autumn and winter are characteristic dark shades that are considered official and conservative. This does not mean that the bright colors and pastel shades should be excluded from the palette of the season. Ultimately it’s all a matter of perspective and a sense of aesthetics.

Remember that in appropriate combinations the wine red and dark blue are colors that can be worn throughout the year. A good figure is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to all things related to fashion. There is no sure way to look good than to wear clothes on the measure. In this regard, a thick sweater can be worn casually free, but not too much. The length of thick sweaters men could reach into the pockets of his trousers, unlike thin knits where this is unthinkable. In the colder months it is difficult to achieve synchronization between good enough overlay for more warmth and modern and elegant look. When you wear a sweater under a coat, two elements must not enter into any conflict – necessarily fit as size, model and color. The same applies when you wear sweater suit.