Microfiber Bathrobe

Coming back from the gym, from a run in the Park, from the sea or from a long work day, all what we want is to take a quick shower or for the more fortunate a sweet hot bath. Waiting on the stool he is: the Microfiber bathrobe, in a light and enveloping embrace. Saves especially in the summer because they are very practical and comfortable, perfect for travel. Register for free: every day online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style. Get inspired by Dalani!

Microfiber bathrobe, embrace post-sports

After a long day of work at the Office, there’s nothing better than download tension and stress cumulated with a healthy sport: a zumba class, or maybe a cardio and fitness circuit, or even just a half-hour of running on the treadmill, just of healthy physical activity to feel regenerated.

And having given up on the gym, your best bet is always a long shower. Home and outside, you can’t give up the warm embrace of the robe to dry fast – or in peace. A Microfiber bathrobe as described in maxi clothing is the faithful companion who never abandons us in these situations: the Microfiber, light and slender, simple garments Microfiber bathrobes makes storage in purses and bags you can always carry with you.

A Microfiber bathrobe, in fact, is always accompanied by a coordinated clutch where to fold it and put it away after each use. Its convenience doesn’t mean the Microfiber is less powerful than normal sponge, indeed: a Microfiber bathrobe absorbs a lot more water and dries very quickly, leaving a soft and silky caress on your skin.

Microfiber bathrobe, solution ideal for travel

You’ve just come back from a romantic weekend in the mountains, you have your lungs full of fresh air, you played sports and exercise whilst indulging in the beauty of nature and now you have all the energy you need to start again with your best for a weekend of rest and relaxation in a spa. Terry cloth towels not will dry ever, unless the temperatures during the week do not increase and then there is not enough space in your suitcase. Don’t worry: the Microfiber bathrobe is the accessory for you! Fresh, light eresistente will be dry again in few hours and even less, but mainly thanks to Microfiber bathrobe, you give up that black dress that you like so much. Everything will find its place and nothing will remain at home on the bed waiting for your return.

Microfiber bathrobe, colour in the bathroom

You prefer a minimalist bathroom decorated with the essentials? Then perhaps you prefer to keep your linen hidden from view and guests: a Microfiber bathrobe is ideal for this purpose. Easy to fold up and store in a console or in a corner cupboard and pull out only when needed. But if you’re more personality from home and colourful bathroom, then among the Microfiber robe you are sure to find ones that make for you: many colors from lilac to yellow more heated, to fiery red, something for everyone, from hanging in order on a bathroom wall coat rack to bring verve and merriment.

By Dalani with love: the Microfiber robe just for you!

Finally came the much deserved holidays and can’t wait to fly very in your Beach House to relax and catch some Tan that will last at least until winter. The Microfiber bathrobe is particularly suitable if you need frequent showers, maybe even three or four in the same day: fast drying and super easy to carry with you. All you have to do is click on favorite color Microfiber bathrobe Dalani-for you, your partner and your children and leaving for distant destinations. Dalani is the first shopping club in Italy that specializes in selling home furnishing items that offers you a wide variety of furniture and accessories to buy online with unbeatable prices and discounts up to 70%! Buy on Dalani is easy and fun: sitting from the comfort of your sofa, select products of our campaigns themes and add them with a single click to your cart!

Get inspired by Dalani on a Microfiber bathrobe for pampering after every shower. Love your home!