Microsoft Band: Fitness Bracelet in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Microsoft tape has many sensors and works with all major Smartphone and computer operating systems. Yet it is difficult, has battery life only up to two days. It is neither moisture proof nor robust. The height restriction on 1200 metres is questionable. Pro time display in the watch mode GPS-sensor built-in continuous pulse measurement possible runs on popular smartphones and computers cons short battery life hard uncomfortable not scratch-resistant display not waterproof test note of the editorial 3.28 satisfying the Microsoft Ribbon is a real breaker: it brings 63 grams and at any time, you can feel his sharp-edged shape on the wrist. Can something ever earn the favor of the buyer? Apparently Yes, because the first production batch was sold out despite the high price of 199 dollars quickly. Our site has kidnapped one of the United States and tried out.

Current messages to the Microsoft tape

18 March 2015: Microsoft band is reported after continues winfuture, wants to expand the sales of fitness wrist band to Microsoft. So, the device in April 2015, not only in the United States with vendors like best buy or Amazon to be to have, but come in the United Kingdom on the market. The price should be at 170 pounds are located.
24 February 2015: Microsoft band gets tastaturmicrosoft Ernst is entering into the wearable market: following the successful U.S. launch of the fitness band in November 2014, band gets a major update. The biggest innovation: An on-screen keyboard, which works and words by wiping the finger across a screen keyboard composed the like Swype. So users without a Smartphone or speech input quickly respond to incoming mails and SMS.

Update brings also a mode for cyclists with optimized methods of measurement of the heart rate. Cyclists can be analyzed from immediately routes and give them to friends and acquaintances. Modes for other activities like hiking or skiing you want to follow. In March 2015, Microsoft will also introduce an app developer kit for third-party manufacturers. A Germany date mention the Redmond company continue.

What it does?

The Microsoft band to remain day and night on the wrist and count each step, but also the pulse watch and how long and how well you sleep. On the basis of the pulse, it calculates also the calories burned. Unique for a fitness tape: it captures GPS also outside travelled routes very carefully. The data recorded by the band a Smartphone via power Bluetooth LE collects and transmits it to the Microsoft health cloud. This works with Smartphones of the common operating systems Windows phone 8.1, Android (from 4.3) and ios (from ios 7.1). The Microsoft health app, which is free in the Windows store, Apple’s appstore and Google play store is necessary to do so. Smartphone holdouts can (from 10.9) use a software for Windows 7 / 8 or Mac OS X, and share the data and settings using the USB cable with the band. Without Microsoft account, this is all not.

Video on the subject of

There is to buy the Microsoft band only in the United States. Our site already got the fitness band and shows what it has on it. Smart gadget: Microsoft band in the test

Smooth data exchange

As well as the exchange of data in the test worked teaching band and Smartphone smoothly and quickly,. Change the display color of the bands (15 colors) or eclipsed (12 wallpapers) for example, in the health app on your Smartphone, it takes just seconds, until the band responds. Also in the meantime the band synchronized continuously, about the step number. A time-consuming adjustment is usually not necessary.

Microsoft band in pictures

Angular, but not entirely uncomfortable

Wearing is no fun, especially because the two massive plastic inserts on the side. But the chunky heart rate monitor on the inside of the band would mind if you put on a table, for example, the hand. The band will not easily slip under the shirt, because the band is overall quite rigid. Woman are different. Still, After some acclimatization it not more than perhaps bothers a thick mechanical watch. This may be to the thermoplastic material of the band.

Full of sensors

The Microsoft band shows off all nine sensors: the usual motion sensor is required. It has provided other sensors the competition: as a position sensor, a UV eye that measures the solar radiation. An ambient light sensor controls the brightness of the display. Uniquely, it also has a GPS chip, with which the band can capture even jogging trails. The capacitive sensor inside the cover of the 1.4 inch color display (320 x 106 pixels). He controls the display. In addition, the band has two flat buttons on the side facing the chest. Rotate the orientation of the display does not, can be different than, for example, at the Samsung gear fit. A novelty is the skin resistance meter. He ensures that the optical pulse sensor comes on if the bracelet is applied and turns off whenever the band around on the table is. Why the band a skin temperature meter, has it not uses, wanted to Oliver Scheer, Microsoft senior technical evangelist, say not on demand. Nor, why the band according to data sheet above 1,200 meters not usable and why it is not waterproof.

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What makes good Microsoft

Good idea: the Microsoft band is a watch mode and switch off. So you constantly see date and time, but subtly dimmed button not necessary. Also smart: In sleep mode display and notifications turned off completely. Sounds simple, but that doesn’t exist in numerous other bands. Also the changeability of the bands is beautiful. It is available in three sizes (from 39 to 49 mm wrist diameter) and only with black band, but by the changing colours of the display it adapts to fine wardrobe.

What else can better

The battery life is too short with around 39 hours in the test. Clearly, the continuous pulse measurement can be turned off, as the GPS chip in the sports setting only start, but still: this is not enough. Finally, you want to spend not all parts of the day so to load its smartphones, Smartwatches, fitness bands and so on. Second point: the band is not waterproof, so don’t even survives a shower. To fit: some Smartwatches, about the Motorola Moto 360 and the LG G watch R are, how almost imperceptibly can integrate an optical pulse sensor. Handcuffs feel of Microsoft bands need not be so.