Mobile Jazztel Launches a Bonus of Mobile Internet Prepay with USB Modem

Take us mobile internet with us during the holidays to be essential so that operators are launching any proposals to put it start easy and though in most cases the contracts do not generally carry permanence if not you get a supported modem, the rates of prepayment without any monthly commitment they are still the goal of many of us.

Jazztel mobile launches a new pack mobile internet which includes HSDPA USB modem free more bonus Internet prepaid for 49 euros and that it will complement the current data on contract rates so that users can choose with greater freedom.

The Internet prepaid voucher includes 1GB of traffic valid for a maximum of two months from the first connection and exhausted once card can recharge to navigate with the daily rate of 1 euro/day (and maximum 100 MB per day) or buy another 1 GB valid credit for another two months for 19.95 euros (plus VAT).

The client will receive a notification via SMS when the consumption of the bonus reaches 100% and the service will be discharged for inactivity if there is an additional charge once within 90 days from the first connection or last recharge.