Modern and Stylish Bathroom

Learn what to do to have a modern bathroom the way you’ve always wanted.

Nothing more current than practicality and functionality. These two characteristics are the watchwords in every room of the house and the smallest of them, could not be different. The modern bathrooms have each element carefully chosen to compose a stylish environment. So we need to think right from the choice of colors, through the sanitary cabinets and dishes to small accessories and decorative objects.

Choose the Color of Your Modern Bathroom

Neutral colors predominate in this type of construction. Black, white, gray and the palette of beige leave the bathroom with a more clean look. If this is your choice, book the most striking colors for some decorative objects such as soap, shampoo door, or door liquid soap, for example. However, the neutrals are not mandatory. If, for your taste, they pass an overly sober air, dare to painting one of the walls with a vibrant color.

Bet on Certain Mobile

Straight lines are trends for mobile modern bathrooms. We have several options for you to choose what suits you. Check out the list of items needed to have the bathroom of your dreams:

Tabletops: in addition to being decorative, the tops are installed directly on the wall. The pieces available in dishwashing we have different sizes and styles.

Bench: the bench accommodates the tub and may or may not be on the case. They are available in materials such as wood, stone, acrylic resin, or glass washer and in different colors.

Cubas: there are many types of tub. They can be of support , embedding or override .

Cabinet: they can come together or apart the tops. The underside of the movable part may be composed of niches, shelves, drawers and doors having or not. There are also kits offices accompanying.

Cupboards: indispensable to leave the objects that need to be protected from moisture. They also serve for personal hygiene items guards or even hide a possible baguncinha.

The niches and shelves also help to take a cool look. In the case of the former, they can be installed or else carved into the wall itself. Both help to organize the space and serve for placing items such as towels or personal hygiene items.

Bathroom Taps

Choosing the right faucet is a task that requires some care. But the best part is that there are many options for you to find what best fits your needs. Before it is important to know the difference between the taps mixers. The taps supply water in only one temperature (cold). Already have mixers allow the water temperature you want. Both one and the other can be installed on the wall or on the counter. Learn about the types of faucets and mixers.

Showers and Showers

Finally, but not least, the decision of the shower! You come home after a full day of activity calls for a warm, relaxing bath. To enjoy the tranquility that time, invest in the right model. The showers feature modern designs and are suitable for homes that have a heater part, while the showers are electric, have an internal resistance responsible for heating the water.

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