Mold in the Bathroom Toys

Here at home the girls just showering in the bath. And of course with the weather we have been accumulating a lot of toys and pots that they use to play.

Rubber toys, mostly the famous Duckling that seems so harmless, is one of the main batteries of mold! I don’t even have the guts to show you the Goo out of da Bruna duckling when pressed yesterday to take the water from the inside. I didn’t think 2 x and went straight to the trash. I almost died of disgust. And that gave me the idea to write this post to warn moms about the risk of not taking care of hygiene of those toys that are in contact with water and moisture all the time.

Keep the rubber toy clean is as important as baby bottles, pacifiers and other belongings that often come into direct contact with the mouth and skin of children, because they are always wet, are the perfect environment for the development of fungi, germs and bacteria. And it gets worse too cases of respiratory allergies. I have a lot of allergies the musty smell.

So not to happen here at home that I had to throw it all away, the ideal is to make the cleaning of these items on a weekly basis.

I confess that a few times I did cleaning the toys, that when the girls were minors at that stage that you get a little neurotic with cleaning. But then completely forgot. Today I go to that tag “look like good mother but” forgot most of clean children toys!!!!

So today I’m going to pass on tips of how I cleaned and kept these toys away from the bacteria.

-Start by removing all the water of toys after each use and allow to dry on a towel or absorbent paper. It has to be done on a daily basis.

-At least once a week, make a solution of water with vinegar in a bowl, or in the tub, and let the toys.

-Press and release each toy repeatedly to “suck” the solution and all your internal higienize.

-Wipe the outside with a brush and coconut SOAP in bar.

–Let the toys to dry in the Sun or in a towel in an environment outside the bathroom.

And you moms, remember to clean these toys?

Have any other tips to make this cleaning?

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