Monster Box, a Special Game in Which SeráS The ‘Master’ of a Box of Monsters

Luckily, there are games on Android that keep getting surprised with ways to deal with what is the playability or the different game mechanics. Those games, which are almost a God, or the master of the game in which We put a sandbox where the heroes will face turn or more friendly monsters, not usually what most abounds in the Play Store, so we are in luck with Monster Box.

Monster Box is a well special video game and surely some have been able to play him in the web version of the same from a PC. The premise is simple, since you have the gift of introduce the different heroes in the ‘box of monsters’ so these face automatically against the enemies that we ourselves are going with. The interesting thing about this game is when we will improve the heroes, accumulating more enemies on screen and challenging our ability to create different combinations of bosses.

The more difficult to explain is a game, best

Is this reason that gets that Monster Box is a different game what you’ve played on your Android. I warn in advance that at first glance it can be confused that the portion of screen runs where all the action is nothing more than a fourth part, but it has its reason for being, since you will have at your disposal a wide range of menus with the abilities of the heroes, monsters, extra special and a great variety of possibilities offered by this game.

Here we won’t have to get only on the side of “good”, but that we will have to study the way that the “bad guys” are able to offer fair resistance heroes can eliminate them, so that is can get enough to power gold improve both sides of this cointhat is called Monster Box.

One may wonder which where the fun is then in this game, and almost could be defined that response to be before a show you fun and entertaining when our heroes have enough level to see them kill dozens of enemies, and enemies copen spaces of the small Dungeon in which some combined bosses, will get to put them well difficult things to those boxers, archers, mages and swordsmen.

It develops your band of heroes in the proper

Another of the virtues of this game is that it allows develop both the heroes and monsters, so they specialize in a form of attack. The heroes have a maximum of 100 points level, which means that we have to be careful on the skills that we improve, it will be impossible to have them all to the fullest.

We specialize them so that, for example, the wizard is capable of provide all the power chain lightning, or having an aura of fire that does much damage to nearby enemies. This is one of the greatest virtues of this game that has a lot of sandbox and pretty also of RPG, although some history, is Miss although this is not its goal.

For the part that touches the monsters, have the same options of specialization, though skills will be the amount of monsters that are invoked every X determined time, their ability to revive or stamina or resistance of the same. We also have the option of invoking bosses that you will be gaining in power depending on their level, apart from the fact that will need a lot of gold in order to put them in front of the heroes.

The power in your hand

If you’ve arrived here, you’ll notice that There’s much more than that first impression with a few pixelated graphics, a display that is occupied by menus and a format that does not visually engages the principle.

To encourage the conflict that forms, as if it were a play, by putting A force, the heroes, against force B, monsters, have the option to increase the speed with which are invoked automatically to the last, purchase various extras, such as increasing the level of heroes to 110, or restart the game, if we see that we have reached the limit of all, something that can happen in a regular way.

The main objective of Monster Box is that enjoy trying and experimenting with new types of specialized warriors and combines the forces of evil with different bosses. The final boss of Ohagi, is able to increase the speed with which invoked the monsters, which gets to put that special moment of adrenaline in that check the attack power of your heroes to be seen before hundreds of enemies, more the arduous task kill that big boss will appear that you will never die.

In short, a video game with which you will pass what you as a dwarf when you discover that it has great depth and offers lots of fun When pinch you the hang.

Monster Box1.1.0

  • Version of Android: from 2.3.3
  • Developer: DAN-BALL
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Casual