More Women Than Men Are More Mobile Games

A limited amount of time, relaxation and small success experiences are some of the reasons women playing mobile games.

It is not unusual to see both smartphones, iPads and tablets in use on the train, bus or similar when we’re on the road. In particular, it is the small mobile game that takes over when right to be kept a break from everyday chores.

A new study by the British analysis company Mintel, shows the most are women, which makes use of the so-called “afslapningsgaming”.

The investigation has looked closely at the women and men’s game habits, and has shown that while there are more men, which can be classified as “hardcore” and/or “regular” gamers, then it is the women who maginalt lead in the category of “afslapningsgamere”. It writes our site via

Of the women who participated in the study, 27 percent of those so designates itself as “afslapningsgamere”, while the figure for men is 24 percent.

Games, however, can provide addiction

Popular games, like the Hay Day or Quiz Battle, may seem innocent, but the ease of access to games, such as mobile phones, can increase the risk of addiction, warns the doctor at Nightingale Hospital London Richard Graham.

But you can manage it, so there are a number of cozy/fun mobile games that make you can compete against your friends, while you relax from everyday chores.