Most Comfortable Shirt Fabric

Shirts are very suitable to wear during the warm days of the year. They are very comfortable made of lightweight fabric. When choosing short sleeve shirt choose one that is made of cotton. There may be synthetic materials, but in large amounts. Usually shirts generally be washed at 40 degrees in the washing is recommended by A2zdirectory. No can use the centrifuge, because it can deform the collar of your shirt. When hand washing should also be very careful, especially with the collar of his shirt.

Shirt with short sleeves is a garment that can be worn more than one day, it must be constantly fresh. The market sell various products designed specifically for cleaning and washing of the shirts. They retain matter and refresh your shirt with short sleeves. It is not recommended to dry shirts in the dryer. It is best to hang on the hanger outdoor terrace and let them dry naturally in air. Take the shirt stretches while still damp because it ironed easiest. The most difficult ironed linen shirts (those from natural flax) – the iron is heated to a maximum of 230 degrees and use the “steam”. Cotton (if such is the fabric of your shirt) requires ironing temperature to 150 degrees, but if it is mixed with flax, increase the temperature to 200 degrees. Dark colored shirt is not ironed on the front, and where necessary, use steam pressure without touching the iron to the fabric. If you use our tips will enjoy a dulgo during your shirt and wear it with pleasure.