Most Comfortable Winter Pajamas

In winter it is important to wear a nightwear that keep us warm, but that makes us feel at ease especially if we sleep together and we know that boys prefer to see us covered with silks and lace. But if we are more for flannel pigiamoni and with some particular fancy like teddy bears?

No problem, luckily for this winter 2016 there are also the middle ground, which combines comfort with a fun design, and why not, also satisfying for our he, for example Yamamay and Intimissimi propose various types of pajamas night, three-piece and very sensual inserts.While for lovers of the couch and TV series, the trends suggest, especially now that we are in the holiday season, the really cool Christmas pajamas, like those of Asos or Victoria’s Secret.Proposals there are so many, so do not be ashamed, do you dare, but before however be inspired by the most beautiful models for this cold season:

Victoria’s Secret

The collection of Victoria’s Secret pajamas for Fall Winter 2015-16 is very wide, as always characterized by colorful garments, available in various patterns Christmas also very sensual and glamorous textures, worn by beautiful angels of the Maison.


The inspiration for the new sleepwear collection for Fall Winter 2015-16 signed Oysho born from a mix of several trends, all from the Japanese culture, the magic of Christmas, animated prints and digital aesthetics from the typically retro style, able to enhance the perfection of the original and playful spirit of the new collection of soft pajamas night.


Perfect for sweet dreams, sleepwear proposed by Tezenis presents prints tender and ironic. For the more romantic, however, there are long pajamas with lace inserts or with a heart print, while among nightgowns, the most beautiful is the one with the owl with the inscription “I need coffee, please”.


Yamamay for lingerie night Winter 2015-16 offers several models: entertaining and fun pajamas with funny little animals prints, all dedicated to the Christmas season and the traditional pajamas satin with lace inserts and a beautiful open back, perfect for those who still want the elegance at home, despite the cold weather!


Intimissimi remains more or less the same line, using different patterns, such as the spotted pajamas with pants, perfect for those who love the animal print, with the stars or tartan, ideal for the cold season, very nice, but at the same time sensual, pajamas consists of black pants and long-sleeved shirt with transparencies and lace.


A real mix of glamor and relaxation characterize targati H & M pajamas, Christmas prints or not, perfect to enrich your look by night, but also to make special your evenings in front of the TV and the fire!


It’s never too early to be accompanied to bed from the new collection piagiami Asos! To relax becomes easy with the new original rich patterns of prints and funny slogan.


For this Christmas, Topshop has proposed two pajamas with Disney characters depicted, The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, in addition to classic pajamas qudrettoni decidedly masculine cut.


According to Countesssleepwear, pajamas and nightgowns in cotton jersey showing off gray and red and tartan patterns or houndstooth and enrich the printed details, from the edges of the pockets, the buttons at the collar. A collection dedicated to love for Lovable.


Belén Rodriguez wearing comfort and relaxation of the new nightwear collection for the cold season 2015-16, a glamor line, comfortable and sexy at the same time, a set of pajamas, suits and nightgowns to be discovered!