Most Popular Wedding Dress Style

Fashion wedding dresses for 2015 proposes the classical form, however, it made by the innovative presence of original details. Color, light points, one shoulder: discover all the trends!
The date of the wedding was fixed, booked the restaurant, you have even started talking about the honeymoon … but the fateful moment of the choice of ‘ wedding dress scare you?

Maybe you have tried to get down to some shop and you’re inundated with a myriad of shapes, lengths and fabrics from abstruse names that have a disoriented moment there.

What criteria to adopt to try and be able to find the perfect outfit ?

Assuming that the right dress is the one that steals the heart (such as the future husband), you can start looking for the dress following the criterion of fashion and then inquiring about the trends of this year 2015.

This year the wedding dresses are characterized by classical form , innovation performance, however, by the presence of some fashion detail or some colored element.

If you are curious, here is how will the wedding dresses the most fashionable of 2015:

1. The one-shoulder dress

A one-shoulder dress has a ‘ elegance that recalls the classic but at the same time is modern and dynamic.

Whether the fluid silk or structured Mikado, who has the romantic touch of lace or organza that impalpable, the shoulder dress is an original choice.

If you want to be more daring, you can opt for a dress for one sleeve has a long single.

2. The tattoo dress

The tattoo clothes are the most sensual between the proposals for this year.

They are characterized by lace embroidery which alternate with semi-transparent parts that adhere to the skin.

The effect tattoo may be limited to the back or shoulders, for a more subtle effect , but may also involve the entire bodice and skirt, for those who feel daring .

 3. The jewel dress

If you want to dazzle your guests, the jewel dress is right for you, with its lights and its crystals.

Having a form princely or a siren, which are slipped or more structured, the jewels of bodices and skirts will give a sophisticated touch to the look.

4. A touch of color

The bride traditionally wears white, but in 2015 the trend always want more color, a perfect choice for the bride who wants to break the mold.

Sherbet colors , champagne, candy pink or turquoise; these are the most popular colors.

Not only that if you want to hit, you do not choose a dress of one color, but do you dare with a bicolor .

5. The short dress

Getting married is a short anti-conventional choice : for this short dresses are perfect for those brides who do not submit to the rules hand.

In 2015 short dresses can be minimal or structured, but those who are the masters are asymmetric : short before leaving uncovered legs, but long at the back.

For those who want to be saucy !